REGILLER Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (Set of 5), Non Slip Colorful Silicone Bottom Nesting Storage Bowls, Polished Mirror Finish For Healthy Meal Mixing and Prepping 1.5-2 – 2.5-3.5 – 7QT (Colorful)


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 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

MATERIAL: These mixing bowls are made of premium stainless steel, resist dents and rust proof, a mirror finish inside and brushed finish outside design
MEASUREMENT LINES: The full state of the bowl is 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.5, 7 quart (To remind you and avoid to spill out when using, the lines is not marked to the highest edge!). 5 different size bowls (No Lid ) can be stackable placed for easy storage and carry
NON SLIP SILICONE BOTTOMS: Flat silicone bases would prevent the metal bowls slippage when mixing, beating and whipping! Also protect the desk from high temperature
COLORFUL COOKING: Easy to identify even for kids, perfect for everyday use on your home table. Coloring your kitchen with fresh look by these multicolor stainless steel bowls
EASY USE: A deepening basin type for mixing ingredients without any splash, the bowls are ideal for whisking eggs, mixing dessert, baking batters, cake dough, tossing salads, marinating

Customers say

Customers like the value, color, size and quality of the dishware bowls. They mention that they are pretty, functional and well worth the money. Some appreciate the different sizes and measurements on the inside. They also say that the bowls are well made and useful for miscellaneous tasks around the kitchen. Customers are also happy with weight, ease of cleaning, and slip resistance.

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8 reviews for REGILLER Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (Set of 5), Non Slip Colorful Silicone Bottom Nesting Storage Bowls, Polished Mirror Finish For Healthy Meal Mixing and Prepping 1.5-2 – 2.5-3.5 – 7QT (Colorful)

  1. Puzzle Dad

    Great bowls
    I prefer stainless steel bowls. These are great. The non-slip bottom is the best. The different colors are nice as well.

  2. Dex

    Great mixing bowls
    I like these mixing bowels a lot. The non-slip silicon is actually quite handy and this is the first set I’ve had with this feature. The printed measurements are interesting, though not really something I use ever. They do scratch a bit if you use SS whisks (see images), but I have now switched to mostly using silicon, which do not scratch as much. They are easy to clean and have done well in the dishwasher. They store away super easily and fit will in my standard cabinets.

  3. berimeri

    Sufficient quality for the price
    These pans are not heavy duty, but are fine for my mixing purposes. Yes, they show scratches from metal utensils which I do use from time to time, but that doesn’t change their usefulness to me. I really like the silicone bottoms! The colors are fun plus the bowls stay put when being used. I do think the size gap between the two largest bowls is strange and wish there was a size between those two, but again, they are doing what I need them to do!

  4. Dana

    Nice bowls and I love the rubber grip on the bottom!

  5. Mj

    Perfect for marinades and mixing!
    Love the silicone at the bottom so it’s not as loud when you place it down. Perfect sizes and easy to clean. Also easy to store away once you’re done. May buy more because the colors are also pretty.

  6. Donald F. Lessnau

    Etchings are very difficult to read without a flashlight
    Very nice set, well made and very handy. But it is impossible to see the quantity measurements in just sunlight. I had to use a flashlight to see them. Annoying.

  7. Sequenthia Henson

    Durable mixing bowls
    I’ve heard these for over a month and use them daily and I love them. They’re lightweight, easy to clean and hold up well to my stainless steel whisk. There are no scratches on the inside whatsoever, it just glides against the bowl. I’d definitely recommend and want a few more different sizes, plus I love the different colors on the bottom.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Great mixing bowls
    These bowls are great. The quality is good. I haven’t run them through the dishwasher yet, but I don’t expect any issues. A couple of my nesting stainless mixing bowls have gone missing, so I decided to buy a new set. My old ones didn’t have the silicone bottom to keep them from slipping. I make a lot of quiches and grate a lot of cheese into mixing bowls, so the non-slip bottom is a huge plus. Colors are pretty.

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