Shower Head, SR SUN RISE 6-Settings 5″ High Pressure Handheld Shower Head Set with 2.45 Meter/96 Inch/ 8 FT Long Shower Hose and Shower Arm Mount with Brass Ball Joint,Chrome


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With sharp-eyed market insight, SR SUN RISE launched the Modern Shower System on the market in 2015, which is well received and loved by consumers. At present, we has provided comfortable and enjoyable shower experience for more than 100 million families.

The innovative SR SUN RISE does not stop there. We has continuously launched various new shower systems in recent years, providing customers with more choices to meet various needs.

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6 Settings Handheld Shower

20 Stage Shower Filter

9 Settings Handheld Shower

12 Function Handheld Shower


Water Saving: SR SUN RISE shower head has a maximum outflow of 1.75 gallons per minute (GPM) so you can save on your water heater bill or enjoy longer hot showers.
Premium Material and Extra 96″ Long Hose: This high flow shower is made of high-quality ABS and come with extra-long 96-inch hose makes it , lead-free, which ensures a safe and comfortable shower. It is ideal for up-close use, bathing kids, washing pets, and cleaning applications.
High pressure shower head: Our luxury bathroom showerhead is the perfect replacement that will jet out high-pressure rain of hot water so your whole body is doused with the downpour. You won’t go back to a normal shower again.
Innovative 6 Spray Settings: SR SUN RISE shower with huge 5-inch face and more nozzles for a gorgeous shower experience. Ideal for Child care, Senior care, Pet care, bathing and cleaning applications, SR SUN RISE is your TOTAL SHOWER CARE system that creates a better shower hygiene.
100% Satisfaction Support: 3 Years Warranty, any product quality problem can be guaranteed free of charge. SR SUN RISE always stand by each consumers. Please feel free to contact us if any question, we will respond within 24 hours. Customer Service: +1 888-232-9842.

Customers say

Customers like the different settings of the shower head. They say it has 9 different water settings, and a pause setting. They also say it’s a great looking shower head, and works very well. Customers also appreciate the long braided hose, and say it is made very well and sturdy.

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13 reviews for Shower Head, SR SUN RISE 6-Settings 5″ High Pressure Handheld Shower Head Set with 2.45 Meter/96 Inch/ 8 FT Long Shower Hose and Shower Arm Mount with Brass Ball Joint,Chrome

  1. Destiny Bryan

    Great showerhead, noticeable difference
    I was a bit skeptical about the claims, but this shower head really does make a difference! The water pressure is strong and the filter seems to be doing its job. My hair feels softer and my skin doesn’t feel as dry as it used to after showering because of how hard the water felt.The installation was easy and the settings are nice, and even helpful with cleaning the shower.Overall, I’m happy with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good filtered shower head. It’s not a miracle worker, but it’s a solid product that does what it claims.

  2. jane

    happy with purchase
    so far, this shower head has been great. It was easy to install and works as intended. I especially like the power spray and have used it to help clean my dog as well as the tub itself. The long shower hose is especially handy for these uses and doesn’t get in the way at all when hung up.

  3. Bailey

    Amazing Value
    Easy to install. Great pressure. I could use it to bathe my dogs. I washed my hair last night for the first time with this and it’s less frizzy, I have more waves, and it’s shiny!!! I was using the same products I always use, this was all the shower head! I can’t recommend it enough.

  4. wu

    Best shower head ever
    Great product for the price. Installation was easy, water filter really work out. It is sturdy and well constructed with a good range of spray patterns.

  5. gingerade

    Functional and Easy to Install But May Have Small Leak
    I have purchased two units over the last couple of years. The first one went up easily with no complication. The second unit has a very slow, dripping leak at the top junction when the water is running. I swapped it to other bathrooms and the same leak occurred, indicating the problem was associated with the shower head parts. I don’t want to return it and contribute to the land fill since the slow leak only occurs when the water is running, and I’ll buy it again for my other shower because of its good value.

  6. Arcangel67

    Great product
    For the price the quality was better than expected. We bought it for the spare bathroom and our guests were very complimentary about it. The extra long hose and variable settings were a added benefit.

  7. Felipe Castaneda

    Fantastic shower head!
    Best showering experience I’ve had with a replaceable shower head. I live in a region with hard water and the inline filter on the shower head makes the water coming out feel smooth on my skin. The water pressure is also adequate and I enjoy the different nozzle settings available. This makes cleaning the shower and bath tub easy. Great product for the price!

  8. dahncemom

    Amazing! Highly recommended!
    I am so glad I bought this. I was looking for a filtered shower head at the recommendation of my hairdresser. I color my hair blonde. I ran across this one based on the reviews. It is amazing! So easy to install for a single woman. No leaks. Shower pressure is hotel spa grade! I love taking a hot shower after a long day and the pressure relaxes me. The hand held is a plus wirh a long hose.

  9. David Walter

    The shower head/hose arrived quickly. Easy to install. Water pressure is great. Love the extra length on the hose; perfect for bathing my dog. The feature on the shower head end cleans the tub with a powerful spray. Initially I thought I wouldn’t use this feature, but it great for rinsing down the tub and walls after cleaning. All settings work great.

  10. omniquity

    Very pleased with this item. I looked hard at the reviews and chose this because of them. It is sturdy and well constructed with a good range of spray patterns. The hose is extra long which is useful if you need a long reach, although personally I would have preferred a shorter hose. The only downside for use is that because of the solid metal construction and the extra long hose (when full of water) makes it more heavy to hold than plastic alternatives. This shower head came from America to the UK, but was still cheaper than most of the locally available ones, and much better quality. Recommended.

  11. Tracy carrington

    Excellent shower head!💖👍🏻

  12. Josh

    This shower hose is the best I’ve ever bought. I purchased it over 2 years ago and it sprays like it did on day one.The pressure is nice and strong.The different spray modes change easily but it isn’t loose.It hangs firmly and it hasn’t had any calcium buildup.The length is nice and long to reach any body part anywhere in the shower.Powerful, yet it can be sprayed softly too.I tried 3 others before this one and they were all returned.This one is great.Very affordable too! It has everything you need to mount it included( no tools).It’s quick and easy to install.I used thread seal- red liquid which is permanent but I don’t think it’s necessary if you don’t have any. I highly recommend this one.You won’t be disappointed.*I was not paid for my reply*

  13. The B

    Great product for the price. Installation was easy, although I couldn’t find the second washer for the shower head. If you have the same experience as me make sure you use that one washer for the part that attaches to the wall, otherwise it will dribble just a tiny bit.All 5 stream modes work as intended, I find that I only ever use two of them.So far everything is great. The hose is super long and reaches the toilet for easy cleaning.

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