Simple Houseware 3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack Storage Shelf, Black


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Simple Houseware 3-Tier Mesh Utility Shoes Rack


Keep your home organized with Simple Houseware’s 3-Tier wire Utility Shoe Rack. Each Shelf holds up to three pairs of shoes. Shelves are tightly woven iron mesh that supports all types of footwear and holds up to 30 lbs per shelf. The frame is constructed with sturdy metal with a classic bronze coating. Collapsible shelves for easy convenient storage. Build, Stack, and Organize multiple units for a personalized storage solution. Setting up is quick and intuitive.


Stores up to 9 pairs of shoes, Additional bottom storage for slippers.Sturdy Metal Construction with Classic Bronze Coating, each shelf holding up to 30 lbs.Easy Assembly Personalized Storage: Purchase more units to build your storage.Build and Organize with multiple 3-Tier Wire Grid Utility Shoe RacksAssembly Dimension: 11″D x 26.3″W x 19″H; USPTO Patent No: US9987876

Stacking and Expanding by Connecting


Stack Vertically and Expand Horizontally

Organize and save space simultaneously, while reducing clutter at home.

Two or more units needed to enable this feature.

Assemble and Organize with Ease


Connect vertically by stacking two units, one on top of another. Creating more space while saving space.

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5 stars

4.4 out of 5 stars

4.1 out of 5 stars


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Removable Shelves

Expandable And Stackable Design. Stores up to 9 pairs of shoes, additional bottom storage for slippers.
Sturdy Metal Construction with Elegant Black Coating, each shelf holding up to 30 lbs.
Easy Assembly Personalized Storage: Purchase more units to build your storage.
Build and Organize with multiple 3-Tier Wire Grid Utility Shoe Racks.
Assembly Dimension: 26.5″ W x 10.6″ D x 19″ H ; USPTO Patent No: US9987876

Customers say

Customers like the ease of assembly of the shoe rack. They mention that it’s easy to put together and holds several pairs of shoes. They appreciate the value for money, saying it’ll keep your shoes organized and is a great buy. Customers are also happy with the performance and size of the product. They say it works well for their purpose and fits in just the space intended. Customers also are happy with shoe rack, sturdiness, and appearance.

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13 reviews for Simple Houseware 3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack Storage Shelf, Black

  1. Nancy D

    Worked out great!
    This shoe rack is sturdy, easy to put together and did exactly what I needed to do. I used the box it came in to support the shelf while screwing each shelf in starting from the bottom. Some reviewers had trouble putting the feet on but putting them on first like the picture showed worked fine. I bought the silver but wanted to have it blend with my closet decor so I stippled gold acrylic paint on it which gave it a champagne color and it looks great. My husband complimented my project!

  2. PianoFan

    Sturdy shoe rack, works great
    It was easy to put this shoe rack together and needed a screwdriver. The rack is sturdy, compact and stackable. No complaints!

  3. 2 Birds, 1 Stone

    Feet were a little tricky to install
    I got this shoe bench to replace on of the ones that just has rails (where the shoes always fall through). It is made of sturdy steel and is compact. It was fairly easy to install EXECPT for the feet which I had to really fight to install. The little tool they provide for the screwing in the bolt wasn’t very helpful. That said, once I got the feet in, the rest came together pretty quick. They provide all of the screws you need. It has three rows so it holds a good amount of shoes.

  4. GuyInTexas

    Nice and simple shoe rack/shelf
    I ordered this several months back but just finally finished preparing the space in the closet in which I planned to use it.Overall, I’m very pleased with this shoe rack. Even though I looked at the size and took measurements of my space, I was surprised by how compact it actually is. I’m using the top shelf for a few pieces of clothing that took up space in my dresser. The middle and bottom shelves are perfect for storing 3 pairs of shoes on each shelf. Even more will fit under the bottom shelf, too. Assembly was easy but a bit clunky. One person can do it but having an extra set of hands will help stabilize the unit when installing the side screws and make assembly go even faster. I wouldn’t use this for anything other than shoes and lighter clothing. It’s sturdy but I wouldn’t risk placing anything more than a few pounds on each shelf.While I’m happy with the product itself, the price seems a little on the high side. I’d shop around first to see if you could find something comparable and a little less expensive. If you can’t find anything, then this unit will likely meet your needs.

  5. Lindy

    Great quality!
    This shelf is great quality for the price. Love the metal shelves and it was super easy to put together. Perfect size for my kids shoes but the space between the shelves may not be big enough for adult shoes. They also sent some extra screws just in case!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Metal or or Wired Grid?
    I have ordered several of the wired grid shoe racks and I thought they were well worth it.I decided i wanted to purchased a few to stack in the garage and the this time around I accidentally purchased the Metal ones and it was the best mistake I ever made!They are sturdier, easier to put together and a lot just better quality and look overall.The metal shelves are attached by a hinge, where as the wired ones are two separate pieces as well. The price difference is worth the upgrades for sure. Hope this helped!

  7. Pam Stone

    provides lots of shoe storage for me
    fairly easy to assemble…two sets of hands was helpful. looks nice, works well. happy with purchase

  8. Kerch R.

    easy to assemble and great color to compliment modern furniture decor.
    We ordered 2 of these shoe racks. 1 for our main entry door and 1 for the entry from the garage. They were both put together in less than 20 minutes and are very sturdy to hold shoes for a family of 5.

  9. Barbara

    A must have to keep shoes organized. I like the design with the handles on both sides at the top for easy pick up and move. The the thin metal.makes it.more modern. Simple assembly. No tools. Choice of colours.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Using this in the porch; hope its coating is all-weather!

  11. James Howard

    These are very good. Firstly, they are made of metal, much better than wood/bamboo junk from the shops. The paint is excellent, they are easy to put together. You can stack them. They hold heaps.

  12. anand george

    great product easy to assemble

  13. Saadah

    Easy to assemble and sturdy, fits a good amount of shoes!

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