Simple Houseware Soda Can Organizer for Pantry / Refrigerator, Clear, Set of 2


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SimpleHouseware Can Dispense Refrigerator Organizer Storage,Clear, Set of 2
Neat and Organized: Great organizer for fridge, cabinet, pantry, shelves and more.
Large capacity: Storage up to 9 standards 12-oz soda or cans.
Clear Material: Easy see through what are stored inside the bin.
Durable and Sturdy: Unbreakable material is against cracks and breaks.
Outer Dimension: 14″L X 5.75″W X 3.5″H

Customers say

Customers like the versatility, value, and organization of the can holder. They mention it’s great for storing canned soda, juice, and beer in the fridge and pantry. They also appreciate the ease of use, size, appearance, and quality. That said, some complain that the bins don’t stack.

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13 reviews for Simple Houseware Soda Can Organizer for Pantry / Refrigerator, Clear, Set of 2

  1. Lazell

    These are amazing. Not only are they sturdy, super convenient for easy storage, and easy to clean. I am able to keep my refrigerator looking neat at all times and store more cans at once. Wish I purchased these sooner.

  2. PF

    A Plus for My Refrigerator Organization
    I purchased this for drinks as I was always rooting through my refrigerator to find cold drinks. Using this device has allowed me to see exactly what I have in the refrigerator, what variety of drinks and how many. It is made of clear plastic, seems durable and is easy to clean. It holds around 12 soda cans and, for me, has helped a lot with the organization of my refrigerator.

  3. Onceupon

    Work great
    These work great, they hold a lot of cans, and are stackable. There are more reasonably priced than those other unnecessarily over-Constructed can holders.

  4. Stiloptimistic

    These work as described. However, I wish they were stackable and they only hold 10 cans which leaves 2 if you are dealing with a 12-pack, unless you want to stack a third level. I don’t want a third level.

  5. Brenda Markel

    I really liked them, they are very practical and suits perfectly in my fridge that is not very big. The quality is good and it is perfect for organizing my favorite beverages.

  6. fireflyfifi

    Perfect For Holding Beverages
    These are exactly what I needed for my 2nd refrigerator in the garage. I love having a refrigerator in the garage, I just wish it did not have wire shelving. This fixed the issues I was having with canned beverages constantly toppling on those wire shelves. I am sure these would have a lot of different uses, I specifically purchased them to hold beverages in the refrigerator and am completely satisfied with their quality, the price I paid and their functionality.

  7. Tracie Owen

    Great for soda
    The soda bins work great for soda! But, the brand of beer I drink the cans are taller than the width of the bin & they don’t fit the bin as well as the soda. But, I love the bin for my soda & it’s in the refrigerator. I like my soda cold! They look great! Work great for storage space! But, they are a little on the flimsy side.

  8. Nyxi

    Don’t wait as long as I did
    Space saving and a smart purchase!There is easy to clean and I’m pretty impressed by the quality for how inexpensive.Sure they’re essentially plastic trays ? But they feel solid and I wish I had them sooner.Definitely recommend

  9. JenG

    This works great.

  10. Armando Martinez

    Es de buena calidad, pero son muy estorbosos en el refrigerador, abarcan mucho espacio.

  11. Bryce’s G

    Glad I bought this can organizer! Tidies my fridge up and looks good too!!

  12. Notalwayslucky

    Holds a dozen beer , have to be careful that you don’t drop one when you put it in the fridge, If you do, watch who you give it to.

  13. Joanne Tilley

    Simple and perfect for my fridge. Hold 9 cans easily, 10th can usually will fall out.

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