Smart Scent Air Machine for Home with Aroma Oils 100ML, Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser with Smart Cold Air Technology, Cover Up to 1000 Sq.Ft


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scent air machine for home with oilscent air machine for home with oil

Hotel Collection Essential Oils, Inspired by The InterContinental Hotel

This fragrance evokes the essence of InterContinental Hotels. Our fragrance oils are meticulously crafted with high concentrations of essential oils and natural aromas, ensuring a luxurious, safe, and authentic scent experience.

Essential OilEssential Oil

essential oilessential oil A Captivating Scent Journey

Created with the utmost attention to detail, our essential oils are sourced from the finest natural ingredients, ensuring top-tier quality and purity.Devoid of any additives, water, or alcohol, these luxurious home scents promise an authentic and enduring fragrance, allowing you to immerse yourself in their splendor for hours on end.

essential oil Scent Up to Every Corner

Creating a wonderful and relaxing ambiance for your bedrooms, bathrooms, office room, spa room.

Essential Oil. Enjoy The Amazing Scents with Your Kids and Pets

you can enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of our aroma.

scent air machine for home Boost Your Mood, Improve Your Focus

Choosing an energizing scent, will boost alertness as well as your ability to concentrate and focus.

1 Large Coverage 2 Kids & Pets 3 Enjoy Your Life Style

scent air machine for home Boost Focus

Natural and soothing aroma for your workspace

scent air machine for home Yoga session

Improve Mental Clarity

scent air machine for home Resting period

creating a wonderful and relaxing ambiance

scent air machine for home Shower time

Indulge in Relaxation and Mindfulness

1 Boost Focus 2 Elevate Your Mood 3 Bedroom 4 Savor Your Personal Time

Essential Oil for Scent Air Machine for Home

Work Perfectly with diffuser

Make scent fill all over your home

100ML Essential Oils

Top Tone: Morning dew, Orange, Tender leaves.

Work Perfectly with diffuser

Make scent fill all over your home

Key Note

This fragrance evokes the essence of InterContinental Hotels.

Hotel Scent for Scent Diffuser

Key Notes of Amber,Vanilla

Key Note

Soft floral and fruity with a warm jasmine and roses.

【COLD-AIR DIFFUSION TECHNOLOGY】: The waterless essential oil diffuser adopts the Cold-Air Diffusion Technology which takes the high-quality fragrance oil micro-droplets to everywhere in your home without any heat or water. Our Scent machine is very ECONOMIC, spending less than 0.5ml/h when you choose the highest grade. Experience the power of scent within minutes, as our high utilization rate guarantees an immersive aromatic experience.
【Scent Up to Every Corner】: The machine makes the scent fill rooms up to 1000 square feet creating a wonderful and relaxing ambiance for your bedrooms, bathrooms, office room, spa room or some commercial space. And there is a fan in the scent machine which could help you make the the scent up to much more further, fill with your room. With our unique fragrance diffuser which will inspire, excite and refresh you by surrounding the scents.
【Easy Control, Easy Use】: Our scent machine is very easy to control. Download the app, connect the waterless diffuser via app, set the working time and scent grade. It’s more smarter and clear than the regular waterless diffuser that needs you to set the time or 10 grades with the button. Everything is in your control.
【Natural & Healthy & Safe】: This scent machine brings the scent by cold air technology, which avoid any water dilution to the oil, so you could get the pure essential oils which is natural and completely safe for kids and pets. Use th Waterless Diffuser to exert the BEST effect of the essential oils. It’s different from the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, it needs water with oils, and you need clear the machine every day, or it will be harm for your health.
【👑👑The Operation Tips👑👑】: The APP default password is 8888. If you do not want to download the app, the machine can also work without the app. But it will work as the default process: work for 3 seconds, then pause for 10.5 mins, then work for 3 seconds, then pause, and so on. It’s different between the traditional diffuser, it’s not broken or not worked. Customers can contract us via amazon when you got any problems.
【Satisfaction】 Be confident with your purchase knowing that this diffuser is supported 1 year.If you got any problem in using this diffuser, just contract us on amazon asap.

Customers say

Customers like the various timer options, performance, and ease of use of the aroma diffuser. For example, they mention that it works well, is easy to set up via Bluetooth, and is convenient. Some are satisfied with the smell, and appearance. That said, opinions are mixed on noise, quality, and value.

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8 reviews for Smart Scent Air Machine for Home with Aroma Oils 100ML, Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser with Smart Cold Air Technology, Cover Up to 1000 Sq.Ft

  1. Florida Gal

     I’m very happy with this purchase! The diffuser is attractive but more importantly it disperses my essential oils perfectly! I purchased it to replace avery expensive one that I had for several years but despite what I spent on that one it never dispersed the oil as much as I would have liked. You can see in my video that the vapor emitted from this one is very consistent. I also like that you can either cycle through all the light colors or choose one that you especially like. I also appreciate the various timer options. As for “noise”, it’s just a little bit louder than the one it replaced, meaning you can hear an every so slight gurgling and the vapors being emitted from the spout. That doesn’t bother me as I will be using it in our kitchen. I would think if you plan on using it in a bedroom, the noise would be considered soothing like a white noise machine. Over all, this was a win for me!

  2. SoulCollector

    Worth the buy
    At first.I was skeptical about buying this scent machine – but it was well worth my money. It’s compact Design allows me to place it where ever I want. Assembling & setup Was simple and fast. Works perfectly.

  3. Natalie

    Seems good. Can’t be used without being plugged in
    I bought it under the impression that I could charge it and then use it, but no, if you want it corded-less, you have to use batteries or no battery but keep it connected. It was easy to set up via Bluetooth after downloading the app but because of the price and the lack of the feature of not being able to charge it, will have to go back. It also includes different options to hang it from the wall, it comes with glue pads and screws to give you options.

  4. Shannonr2479

    Ruined my floors, a table and a lampshade.
    This was my first oil diffuser so I didn’t know what to expect. This thing is noisy and spat out a thick mist that landed on my hardwood floors. It made the floor sticky and when I tried to wipe it off, the top layer of my floor came off. At that point, it was about 5 feet off the ground at that point. Thinking I did something wrong, I moved to a coffee table where it then ruined the finish on my table and ruined a lamp shade nearby. I returned it and ordered one for a well known name. The name brand one is silent and mist is much finer, it has not ruined anything and scent permeates my entire downstairs. After experiencing a quality diffuser, I can certifiably say this one is the biggest piece of junk.

  5. ladybug

    Easy to set up, works well
    I love that you can customize the schedule and the amount to be diffused. I also like that I can control from my phone!!My living room smells glorious!!

  6. KG

    Love it!
    Very nice

  7. Rube

    Easy Setup
    The Aroma was very easy to set up and has excellent functionality. Would recommend to family and friends.

  8. Tessa

    Stopped working after 2 months
    Originally the product worked as expected and was a great addition to my office space. After 2 months it stopped working entirely. I have reset the machine, reset the app, add a new battery, deleted and re-download the app STILL NOTHING. Machine and oil is definitely to expensive to only work for 2 months.

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