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Sorbus Fridge Bins and Freezer Bins Refrigerator Organizer Stackable Food Storage Containers BPA-Free Drawer Organizers for Refrigerator Freezer and Pantry (Pack of 6)

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Discover the CLEAR favorite

The design of our Sorbus Clear Collection allows you to quickly view what’s stored inside for easy access to your household items.

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Easy-Access Clear Collection

Refrigerator organizer set – ideally sized to fit fruits, vegetables, and other food items in the fridge, freezer, or pantry – All drawers feature a built-in handle for easy pull-out and transport
6 piece set includes – 2 wide drawers – ideally sized to fit fruits, vegetables, and other larger sized food items – 2 narrow drawers – ideally sized to fit snacks, condiments, and other slimmer sized items – 1 can dispenser drawer – holds 10 (standard size 12oz) cans, small sized food cans, juice boxes, and other types of drinks – 1 egg drawer – stackable organizer holds 14 eggs
Clear view with easy access – always see and know what you have and need while making delicious meals – easy access pull-out container – also saves time and hassle of looking through the refrigerator for your favorite foods – now you can carry out BBQ essentials in one trip, quickly dispense favorite drink, keep snacks in one place, Easily grab eggs, and separate fruits and veggies
Clutter-free organization – organizers offer plentiful space to fit different types of food items while keeping your refrigerator looking coordinated – the sturdy egg lid allows multiple to be stacked, or other items placed on top – complements most refrigerator sizes
Durable sleek design – All fridge and freezer drawer organizers are completely BPA- free – clean by hand with Mild detergent and water – Do not place in dishwasher – Approximate measurements: wide drawer 14. 5″ L x 8. 5″ W x 4″ H – narrow drawer 14. 75″ L x 4. 25″ W x 4″ H – can drawer 13. 25″ L x 5. 5″ W x 4″ H – Egg drawer 14. 50″ L x 4. 37″ W x 3. 12″ H

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12 reviews for Sorbus Fridge Bins and Freezer Bins Refrigerator Organizer Stackable Food Storage Containers BPA-Free Drawer Organizers for Refrigerator Freezer and Pantry (Pack of 6)

  1. Michael Degginge

    Sorbus refrigerator organizers
    The containers really helped organize my frig. Containers are sturdy and fit nicely.

  2. Kendra Gutshall

    Easy to clean
    Very sturdy. Will hold a lot food or drinks. Easy to clean. Handles are great. Lid fits perfect. Can stake if needed

  3. Robin Cradles

    Fixed my missing drawer problem.
    Various idiots have broken parts of my lovely French door fridge over time. These have provide a great, clean looking storage fix for those missing areas. Love them, sturdy quality, easy to clean. The egg tray seems totally unnecessary and a pan but looks good so I’m gettin used to it haha.

  4. Anon Ymous

    Great fridge or shelf sorters!
    I got these for my mother. I have a very similar set, so I tried to get something close to that, and these are nice. The plastic is sturdy and attractive. Most importantly, they slide easily, and have only a very tiny lip to help make them feel a bit more like ‘drawers’. I know fridge organizers were a game-changer for me (especially when you have to share a fridge, but even alone), but they really helped my mother since bending in general is tough on her, and she doesn’t have a lot of strength at all. These drawers let her basically line up things and reach stuff in the back, that normally would sit there until I helped her clean the fridge out.I would recommend these to basically anybody. It may seem expensive to you, but it’s one of those things that you buy once and then you’re glad you did it years later. You can use them in the pantry, and I thiiink in the freezer? But just overall, they’re super handy. I initially thought the egg thing was kind of dumb, but I’ve come around to it– it’s nice to have 14 slots, so when you get down to two eggs, you can buy another dozen. It also ensures that you check each egg for cracks, if you didn’t already at the store, and it’s helpful to be able to see how many eggs are left without opening the container. The flat, hard plastic top also means you can rest stuff on the egg container and not worry about breaking any of them. So overall, I don’t think there’s a single item in here that isn’t worth it. These are all just plain nice to have.

  5. Petal

    Love love love this set of refrigerator bins. They organized my food & drinks perfectly. I rate them a 4 only because the large bins were stuck together and I had trouble separating them thanks to my husband for helping separate them.

  6. Sinclair Jacobs

    Must Buy Item!
    I can’t say enough good things about this product. This is a must have in 2023. Got my package in two days. Ordered the 6 pk instead of the 8pk. The slimmer bins are hard to pull apart so I had to pull one end a little then pull the other end and toggle back until it came out. Not a big deal but it took a little finagling. The bins are very sturdy. As I washed them, the handles felt a little weak like it could crack but just handle them in the middle. Didn’t realize that they have a front and back. The front curves outward and the back curves inward. The egg container is great. It comes with 14 spots even though eggs are sold by the dozen. I wish it had some cushion. I was afraid of breaking my eggs putting them in. If you put chobani yogurt in like me, it takes 6 cups but is a little tight putting in. 8 apple sauce cups will fix well. Again not a big deal. My mother wants a set so I’m going to buy one for her fridge. I’m really impressed overall and will order their wire bins for my freezer.

  7. Kim T.

    Fridge organized
    I was able to get my fridge organized quickly. Sturdy and perfect size. So much easier to reach things by pulling the individual bin out as needed.

  8. Bobbie Harney

    They are as described.
    It helps with organizing the refrigerator

  9. Monica

    Excelente producto! Llegó en perfectas condiciones.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Cannot take these apart. Stuck together been trying. Have paid customs fee on top of that. A waste of money. Ordered 2 sets of these. What a shame. Come overseas. When they do come apart they will shatter. Been waiting for weeks to sort my fridge & this happens. Never order from the global store. Very disappointed.

  11. Ruth Ochoa

    Excelente resistencia y muy buena calidad

  12. Jenson

    Buen producto y muy bonito, buenos acabados pronto haré otro pedido igual, muchas gracias

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