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Stone Lain Albie Stoneware 16-Piece Modern Dinnerware Set, Kitchen Plates and Bowls Sets, Dish Set for 4, Blue and Black

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Make a loud statement with your two-tone glazed dishes. The Stone Lain 16-Piece Stoneware Round Dinnerware set in Blue and Black is unforgettable. The perfect balance between trendy cool and modern classicism, these round plates, bowls and cups turn every table into a hip party. It includes 4 large round 10” dinner plates, 4 round 7. 5” salad plates with a unique lipped edge, 4 deep round 5. 75” bowls and 4 earthy 12 oz cups. These home essentials are expertly crafted, artfully designed and reminiscent of after parties. 100% dishwasher and microwave safe for easy cleaning and durability. These pieces go great in a kitchen, dining or outdoor setting. Lay out your most stylish tablecloth, cutlery and stemware, and let the Stone Lain 16-piece stoneware dishes do the rest. Stone Lain creates unforgettable dinnerware to make every occasion memorable. Thank you for choosing Stone Lain, where dishes come true.
16-Piece Dinnerware Set – Stoneware is hip, cool and trendy. Especially in a fashionable blue and black. This 2-tone glazed dinnerware set makes a statement at the table.
Dinnerware Service For 4 – Includes 4 round dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls and 4 handled mugs. All with a post-modern lipped rim design.
Blue and Black Plates, Bowls, Mugs – 10″ dinner plates, 7. 5″ salad plates, 5. 75″ bowls and 12 oz. mugs have a cool, hip, colorful design.
Material: Stoneware – Stoneware has an earthy, organic feel. These plate, bowl, cup dish sets bring to mind rustic elegance to the table.
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe – Made of high-quality, durable stoneware. Each dish and cup is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe..Included Components: 4 Dinner Plates, 4 Salad Plates, 4 Bows, 4 Mugs

Customers say

Customers like the appearance, weight and value of the dishware place setting. For example, they mention that it looks nice, has a good weight to it and is well worth the investment. Customers also like the ease of cleaning, and size. That said some complain about scratch resistance, durability and quality.

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10 reviews for Stone Lain Albie Stoneware 16-Piece Modern Dinnerware Set, Kitchen Plates and Bowls Sets, Dish Set for 4, Blue and Black

  1. Melanie

    Pleasing to look at!
    I moved into my own place and needed new plates/cups. They are made of stone and after reading reviews I saw that they scratch easily – this is true. I bought spacers so that I don’t stack them on top of each other. It will show lines as you use it because of the fork/knife usage. We use this everyday and elevates the look of your kitchenware. I’d use this if you don’t have kids if you want to maintain the aesthetic of it – it is heavier than a porcelain plate. You can microwave it with nothing to worry about. I’d classify this as a more elegant look to your dishes but even with as much care you need to have I absolutely love them. The bowls are good for cereal/soup. The cups are perfect for a decent cup of coffee. The small plates are perfect for a small slice of dessert. None came damaged and were well packed!

  2. Barbie

    Great dinnerware!
    I chose the white dinnerware and I am super pleased with these dishes! I bought the service for eight. The plates stacked very well in the cupboard. The bowls are sturdy and deep. The coffee mugs although a little small are very well made and suitable for hot drinks. I really love the little Rim around the plates. These dishes are not particularly fancy but they sure make your table look fantastic! I highly recommend this dishware set. Also I want to mention that the weight of them are decent I’m very pleased with the overall product! Bon appetit!

  3. J. Henry

    Extremely nice and durable for the price
    I’ve had these dishes for over a year. First time in my life that I’ve ever eaten off something fancier than a Walmart brand cheapo plate at home.These have a nice heft to them without being heavy. They FEEL fancy and expensive, if you know what I mean. And to be honest, they are fancy, but in a non-showy way. Whenever I’ve had guests over I am actually proud to serve food on these dishes. That’s probably dumb, but as a single dude living alone, I take pride in not slapping down some bachelor-chow style slop on a paper plate. I can make real meals and serve them on real dinnerware without breaking the bank too hard.These plates and bowls clean exceptionally well. The paint/color has not scratched or faded a single bit on a single plate. I use forks and knives and stab these things all the time. No scratches. They look new every time I take them out of the cupboard. The only bad thing that’s happened was I dropped (fool that I am) one of the cups about 5 feet onto my vinyl kitchen floor. It shattered. However, that wasn’t the first time. I’ve dropped the plates and other cups a few times and they didn’t break. They seem fairly resistant to breaking, but they are ceramic, so not impossible and some care has to be taken to not drop them… like I didGood plates, buy them if you’re tired of feeling like your dinnerware is cheap. It will ench

  4. Judith L.

    Good looking, durable, and useful plates, bowls, and coffee mugs.
    I got my set yesterday. It was well packed, sent in 2 boxes which was nice because these dishes are heavy. I did not have to carry a whole set of dishes for 8 people all at once.Looks like each box has the same thing, half in one and half in the other. I only opened one box for now since I am going to figure out what to do with my old mismatched set and wash all the new ones in the dishwasher at once. Yes, they say dishwasher safe and microwave safe on the bottom of each piece which was one of the things I demanded from my new set.There are 8 lipped dinner plates, 8 well lipped salad plates, 8 nice deep bowls, and 8 nice feeling solid coffee cups. The high lips on the plates looks pleasing but the main reason I like them is because any gravy or liquid stays in them instead of running out easily when transported. I’d say the lip is at a 70 degree angle and is maybe half an inch high. They don’t have that flat gradual increasing long lip that the majority of plates tend to have. I guess this makes them look more modern if that makes sense.They are heavy, but not too heavy and comfortable to handle. I’ve held plates before that were so heavy, they felt odd and others so light they could be a makeshift frisbee. These are “goldilocks” weight in my opinion.The bowls are my favorite piece. The pretty bowls we have been using hold maybe half a cup to a cup of liquid if you are careful not to spill. The bowls that came with this new set are deep! If you eat soup often or are a cereal and milk person you will love the depth. Even an icecream sundae for 2 would fit in these bowls.The pieces look nice and don’t have any cracks in the glaze or strange looking areas that didn’t dry or cure properly. They are fully coated with paint/glaze except for the bottom ring that touches the table surface giving it texture so it resists sliding around on surfaces. The only downside I can see is something I had to think deeply about in order to come up with: That textured ring on the base may scratch tables without a protective finish. If you inherited your grandma’s antique table or have a table that scratches easily, invest in some placemats or use a tablecloth or a glass table protector. They are heavy enough to stay put under normal use, but if you have kids who scoot plates around the table, be aware. Kids will find a way to demolish, scratch, or tear up anything anyway nomatter what it is. This is no concern for me though, but just an opinion for anybody who may come across this potential issue. Beaides, many plates or bowls etc. have some texture anyway, but since these are “stoneware” the texture may be more pronounced due to the durability of them.Durability is a good thing!Also a potential issue which comes with any dense well made plate is the heat retention after the piece comes out of the microwave or drying cycle of the dishwasher. I have had good results with stoneware in the past though, so no biggie if this happens. Let it cool or use a pot holder after microwaving. I like that food will stay somewhat warm when plated or in a bowl and the lips look thin enough that they will cool down while the bottom which is thicker should keep food from cooling down quickly. So I guess that is a positive with a potential negative if that makes sense.So I think that’s all I can think of to speak about except that the pieces look nice and the blue paint/glaze is pretty uniform and seems tough and I like it. They are not shiny like many glazed pieces can be which, I like. Looks like the finish will hold up to heat from the microwave or dishwasher without getting those fine cracks in the glaze or final paint cover.These are durable, useful, attractive, well painted, and just well made pieces.I will update this after more usage after I put the pieces through the microwave and dishwasher a few times. If I don’t update this, then all is good and I had no issues.

  5. Julius

    Awesome dish set
    Highly recommend this dish set. Extremely durable and the color is beautiful. Multiple sizes and super easy to stack in cabinets. I would rate this product highly. 10/10

  6. Karen Crewson

    Great quality but very very light color

  7. Vanessa

    El color me encantó !Vajilla de cerámica muy buena calidad

  8. Sharif

    My set had multiple imperfections and it gets scratched easily, I go real easy on these plates, it’s kind of like the finish didn’t get any protective coating.

  9. LM

    Compré la vajilla para uso diario, tiene bonito color, pero se raya muy fácilmente (con dos usos del plato ya tiene una marca), tiene algunos defectos de fabricación, la taza se rayó al primer uso y tiene unos detalles. El precio es muy elevado para lo que se obtiene, no recomiendo el producto

  10. Karla Pineda

    Me encantó este juego de platos, lo recibí en tiempo y nada venia roto, cada plato traía un protector individual por lo que llegó en excelentes condiciones. Llevo aprox. un mes usándola y los platos extendidos, que son los que uso mas, ya perdieron un poco del acabado que traían inicialmente en comparación a los platos hondos, y también se han comenzado a rayar con los cubiertos, no sé si esto sea bueno o malo pero entiendo que todo se desgasta con el uso. Son platos pesados y se sienten y ven de buena calidad. Lo único que no me gustó del todo y no me di cuenta cuando hice la compra es que de la base, no solo es que cambia el color, sino también cambia el acabado, son asperos, lo cual hace difícil apilarlos sin protectores entre ellos. En general son buenos platos y los recomiendo con su debido cuidado.

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