Sweetcrispy Coffee Table Black, Lift Top Coffee Tables for Living Room, Small Rising Wooden Dining Center Tables with Storage Shelf and Hidden Compartment


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“The furnishings should be like the fragrant and crisp hazelnut chips on the chocolate to set off the sweetness of life and inadvertently decorate your life”, the brand founder said. And then, The brand “Sweetcrispy” came into being. We’re committed to providing each family with a variety of choices, high-quality furniture products that strictly select high-quality materials to ensure that you have a better purchase experience.


🌞【Simple Style】The lift top coffee table for living room has a beautiful finish and subtly textured feel, which matches your living room/reception/office style and decor very well. This modern coffee table perfectly highlights your unique aesthetic and taste, being a part of your apartment decor.
🌞【Practical Lift Top Design】 An nice work-from-home solution. This living room table is equipped with a lifting tabletop that can be pulled out (elevated to 6.3”, bear up to 11 lbs) effortlessly when you need a quick workspace in the living room. You don’t have to lean forward to access your laptop on the table. It’s also the perfect dining room table to eat off, do homework, anything as your living room essentials! Stability will also be guaranteed while adjusting.
🌞【Spacious Storage】The large hidden compartment under the top table offers enough space to store your books, cups, games, snacks, keeping them away from dirt. The lifting mechanism won’t take up a lot of room inside the storage part. The two shelves on the side offer extra space, saving so much time for you not having to dig around the living room to find remotes or tissue boxes.
🌞【Upgrade Design】 A recessed access is reserved for easily lifting the lid of the wood coffee table, avoiding the risk of hurting fingers. The lifting mechanism is constructed of thickened steel frame, ensuring a smooth and silent operation while keeping it solid and sturdy. Angled legs ensure stability and security. With solid construction and selected materials, this small coffee table will not wobble if correctly assembled.
🌞【Easy Assembly】The assembly for this lift-up center table is easy with the help of the enclosed parts, tools and illustrated assembly instructions. If you have any problems or questions, we would be delighted to help you find a solution and reply to your email within 24 hours.

Customers say

Customers like the size and appearance of the table. For example, they mention it has multiple storage areas and the lift-top for eating and working. That said, some complain about the holes. Opinions are mixed on quality and ease of assembly.

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8 reviews for Sweetcrispy Coffee Table Black, Lift Top Coffee Tables for Living Room, Small Rising Wooden Dining Center Tables with Storage Shelf and Hidden Compartment

  1. Michael Baluyot

    Pop-up tray table is awesome. Great deal when on sale.
    Pros:-Very sturdy-Lots of storage space-Faux wood looks good/real-Awesome deal when on sale (fraction of cost of similar items)-Pop up tray table great for eating while watching TVCons:-Made in China-Although relatively simple, the assembly is very tedious. Assembly uses a lot of screws. Solo, it took me about 2-2.5 hours, even with a good screwdriver. You’ll need a quality ratcheting screwdriver or even better, a powered driver to screw in about 60 screws, and in addition to that, some dozen or so locking wheels. If you used the provided “screwdriver” it would take MUCH longer and your hand would not function afterwards from cramps and soreness. An alternative is having at least an additional 1-2 people with a decent screwdriver each to divide up the task. With an additional person(s), assembly would take about 1-1.5 hours.

  2. Texas Joe

    Sweetcrispy you impress me
    Wow what a deal. Any expectations I had are definitely surpassed. This is a great coffee table. It is incredibly sturdy and durable.With help I put this together in 30-45 minutes. Without help it probably would have taken about 90 minutes.Not that hard, but it just takes a while.No missing pieces or anything, and instructions are just fine.It’s very scratch resistant (my cats climb all over it, run over it, you name it) and is easy to move on my tile floor.I LOVE the opening platform or whatever you call it. The hinges are balanced so that it doesn’t slam really loud when you close it. Very nice design and high quality. My cat likes to sit on that part and it’s so well made that it can handle him when I open it up – lol! For reference he’s 12 pounds.And that part is so great for storage. Great space saver to have the inside compartment, as well as the shelves on the side. I moved and had to leave it behind and miss it already. Will be repurchasing honestly and I got so many compliments. People were always shocked at the price and where I got it. I totally recommend. Sweetcrispy!! You are great!!

  3. Gary W. Ruther

    Installation screws provided for the table top hinges, and legs.
    Im 75 year male who has construction experience and I know tools. My advice. If you’re wanting to avoid anger and frustration go to a hardware store and buy the same size screws but with a different style of head along with the proper driver to fit the new screws. I think there’s 40 screws. These screws provided will ruin your Phillips screw driver. The driver will easily slip out of the screw. You need to be strong enough to apply the necessary pressure and alignment while inserting the screw otherwise stripping will result. That’s painfully Time consuming. This table is very attractive, functional and durable for the price. Love my new table. All the rest of the hardware provided was really easy to use.

  4. anthony arrigoni

    Don’t know what people are trippin about lol
    Don’t know what some people are trippin about lolI had no issues with hole alignment or any of that.This thing is sturdy as heck, lovely size for my situation not to small or big or short or tallExcellent value for this price.One of the best purchases I’ve made at this price especially furniture ($59.99 when I bought it new)I will say it did take me a fat minute to get it together but maybe that’s why I didn’t have any problems w it cause I actually read and made sure I did everything right and screwed in everything very tight.The bottom is what took the longest, to get all 20 screws all the way in for the 4 little legs that have 5 each.Electric drill for those might be best which I did not have.Also only other slight worry is the durability of the wood skin, I’m not sure how well it will last agonist potential scratches and nicks and such but so far so good not really any.Do get coasters though and don’t ruin the wood with water.

  5. Amazon Customer

    It’s sturdy, not super heavy, great martial and love the color for my apartment!
    It’s a bit confusing putting it together at first but once your past steps 3 and 4 it comes together pretty quickly.Took me about 3.5 hours to assemble while enjoying movies at the same time. I recommend a power screw driver for the tiny screws. Makes it much quicker without having to use the Alan rench/screw driver.Great price and love the storage.I’m a small female and I was able to put it together without help.

  6. Moxie Bryan

    Overall I like it, but there are issues
    I’m very happy with the look of the table. It makes a good companion for the 1940s loveseat I have. It’s quite heavy, and once assembled it feels extremely sturdy. For the price, it’s a good deal. So why did I give it three stars? Assembly was not complicated, but the included screws have to be some of the cheapest I have ever encountered, which made what should have been a very easy assembly a pain in the butt. And it also made assembly take twice as long. The screws stripped out at the first moment of tension. And before anyone asks, no, I wasn’t using a power drill or even an electric screwdriver. Just the power of my own arthritic hands. To make matters worse, the pilot holes were more like shallow divots, so the amount of strength and pressure required to get them started only exacerbated the issue of the screws stripping out. I’ve never had a problem like this before, and I’ve assembled quite a few furniture pieces like this over the years. So I’ll recommend it, but with certain caveats. You need a lot of hand strength and patience, or you need to be willing to go buy all new screws in the correct sizes.

  7. Sierra Angel Boehm

    Great suggestion from Amazon
    Amazon suggested this table when I ordered a recliner recently and I decided to give it a shot. Really nice table, and it was fairly easy to assemble. The hardware that operates the lifting top is sturdy and hold the top up nicely. Very pretty finish has a nice texture and looks like real wood, and I love the retro style legs that remind me of something from the 1970s.Pro-tip: the top doesn’t want to lift easily from one side, you will have to grab both sides for easiest operation. It has hand holes on either side for the purpose so it is very easy. I suppose this could have been solved with much more robust hydraulic arms, but at this price point I can’t complain. Because of this I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who only has use of one arm, but otherwise it’s not a real issue.10/10 would buy again.

  8. Mónica

    El armado es un poco complejo para una sola persona, es mejor entre dos. Los materiales son muy buenos, es muy resistente. Llegó muy bien embalado. El tamaño y el diseño es ideal para espacios pequeños.

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