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This audiobook collection contains the following works by Agatha Christie:

The Mysterious Case of StylesThe Secret AdversaryThe Murder of the LinksThe Jewel Heist at the Grand MetropolitanThe Disappearance of Mr. DavenheimThe Adventure of the Western StarThe Tragedy of Marsdon MansionThe Million Dollar Bond HeistThe Adventure of the ‘cheap apartmentThe mystery of the hunter’s lodgeThe kidnapped Prime MinisterThe adventure of the Egyptian tombThe adventure of the Italian noblemanThe affair of the missing willThe box of chocolateThe veiled ladyThe lost mineThe affair at the victory ballThe adventure of the Clapham cookThe mystery of CornwallJohnnie Waverly’s AdventureThe Double ClueThe King of ClubsThe Lemesurier LegacyThe Plymouth ExpressThe Submarine PlansThe Basing Mystery MarketThe Christmas Pudding Adventure

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13 reviews for The Agatha Christie collection

  1. Bill Card

    Excellent read!!
    Agatha Christie writes in a manner that is timeless. The words flow, the plot is well thought out, and the characters are wonderful! This is a delightful collection!

  2. Kindle Customer

    Wonderful stories!
    Excellent group of stories! Love all the Peroit ones and the others too. What a great way to get well acquainted with Agatha Christie’s works. Great collection.

  3. Roger Mastrude

    Reporting an error in my edition
    The book says every page is page 291 of 291.

  4. Veronica

    Clever whodunnits!
    This ensemble of Dame Agatha tales is sure to delight whodunnit aficionados. It’s a one-stop-book for the queen of mystery’s more famous stories such as The Mysterious Affair at Styles; The Secret Adversary; The Murder on the Links; Poirot Investigates; The Man in the Brown Suit; The Secret of Chimneys; The Murder of Roger Ackroyd; The Big Four; and Poirot’s Early Cases.I enjoyed re-reading some of the more well-known tales again and found the collection of short stories in Poirot’s Early Cases quite entertaining. Most I had not read before–so it was great finding some new tales from one of my favorite authors. Great book for Agatha Christie fans!

  5. Janet Hayes

    The stories are not all about Poirot it, if they are, not all narrated by Captain Hastings.I found them all highly entertaining.

  6. K.E. Fuhrmann

    Good writing; but what’s up with the TOC in the Kindle edition?
    Agatha Christie writes sparkling prose and her plots are intricate and fun, so nothing to complain about there. The first three titles are short novels with chapters. The remaining titles are short stories. Nothing to complain about there either.However, in the Kindle edition, at the beginning of the novelette, The Murder on the Links, we find we are on page 291, and after that ALL the pages are page 291. Everything else in this book is on page 291. Even in the Table of Contents, it shows that every story after the first two are on page 291. Apart from just plain logic telling you that not every page can be page 291, if you open the menu to look at “About This Book” the menu states that the typical time to read it is 20 hours and 47 minutes. It surely is more than 291 pages, but I’m not sure that it’s big enough to take 20 hours to read. I’m not sure, though, because I don’t know how many pages are actually in this book!I decided to do a little sleuthing. I looked at the paperback version of this book. The paperback version purports to contain only two titles {the first two in this collection), and it states in the publisher’s details that the book is 290 pages long, which is correct: that is the page on which the The Secret Adversary ends. So I think at some point the publisher decided to add the third novelette and the short stories, but forgot about the pagination. So who knows how long this book is or how long it would actually take to read? At the beginning of The Murder on the Links, my Kindle tells me that I am at 42%. So probably the book is about 700 pages long.I have not noticed any of the typos or formatting problems noted by another Kindle reader.

  7. Robert Lussier

    love it
    it is great with many stories

  8. VAM

    3 stories are missing
    I love Agatha Christie stories. I cannot give 5 stars because the following stories are missing from my copy.The Man in the Brown SuitThe Secret of ChimneysThe Murder of Roger Ackroyd

  9. Joy

    Some formatting errors but a superb read to take on vacation. Lots of entertainment in a portable form, and all for just a few dollars.

  10. Amazon Customer

    A fantastic book for Agatha Christie fans with a selection of books & short stories the only fault I have found is that drawings/plans etc which are described in the story & you are told they are on the next page are not there but for the super cheap price this collection cost it is maybe understandable & doesn’t really spoil the story especially if like me you have read them many times before.

  11. Amazon-Kunde

    Eine Sammlung von Geschichten die ich gerade im Moment lese. Spannend wie alle Geschichten von Agatha Christie. Gute Unterhaltung. Ich kann es weiter empfehlen.

  12. Dora

    The book is said to contain 8 novels in the description and on the back cover, but it only comes with 5 out of the 8 novels, unacceptable! In addition, it arrived with several damages: the front cover bent, some pages decoloured or dirty.

  13. Ombretta

    L’ho letta moltissimo in italiano, da adolescente, e poi in inglese all’università , per esercitarmi nella lingua. Mi è sempre piaciuta tantissimo per la logica, la scorrevolezza della prosa, l’intelligenza e originalità della trama. Dopo tanti anni la rileggo e non mi delude affatto, anzi la apprezzo ancora di più. Grande Agatha!

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