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Everyone has their own journey, their own story. Surviving the Regalo project is just part of mine.

You know that saying: “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” This could be the next chapter in my life.

I never thought I’d call the Alpha Alliance for help, but here we are. Somehow, that call ended with me agreeing to disconnect with four alphas. Four incredibly beautiful alphas who feel great. And don’t get me started on their smell…

But, and this is a big but, there are a few problems. Like the fact that I have a secret, or twenty, and being an omega isn’t one of them. The other problem is that I know two of my saviors. When they find out who I am, one of my secrets is going to be revealed. Time will tell if there will be more names to add to my shit list or if the intense bond we share will be part of my eternal happiness.

When I let my past betray me, it puts us on a collision course where the stakes have never been higher. I’m willing to risk everything, including them, because I made a deal that I’ll never be imprisoned again. Luckily, these beautiful alphas are as determined, bloodthirsty, and stubborn as I am.

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Soo Good!! Get it now!
    I have read numerous omegaverse books, but this is the first from this author, but it won’t be my last. This was so good it kept me engaged, it keep building, the different emotions it took me thru, I didn’t want put it down. Lets not forget the spice level 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 …so good, intimate at times..I didn’t want it to is worth the price.

  2. ediebegonia

    Romance with tremendous suspense!
    What a great Omegaverse book. The characters are very well developed, the plot is enthralling and the world building is thorough. Be sure to read the TW at the beginning of the book, especially if you are a dog lover. It’s not so bad, as long as you know what’s coming.This is not the first book in this series. I didn’t read the prior book, The Gift, and some of the characters and events from it figure heavily in this book. The author handles this in such a way that I never felt like I was confused or missing out.The plot is very creative with twists and turns. My heart was pounding and I couldn’t read fast enough through some of the scenes. The spicy scenes are well written but felt a tad repetitive by the end of the book.The grammar and spelling are spot on. But I deducted one star because of near misses when it came to word choices.* cachet of weapons instead of cache* unchartered water instead of uncharted & waters* pose of flowers instead of posyThis is the first time I’ve read anything by Lucy Scott Bryan and I will definitely read more of her books.

  3. ChristiLovesBooks_Smut

    Just read The Deal!
    The Deal by Lucy Scott Bryan @lucyscottbryanauthor. Lucy is an absolute favorite author of mine. I highly recommend reading anything & everything by her. 🤩 Read the trigger warnings!It was awesome to get to meet & know Lennon & her pack of Alphas. This was a fantastic story! If you like Omegaverse, multiple protective MMCs, RH & a FMC that shows everyone she is strong & capable, then this is for you.

  4. Spend Wisely

    absolute perfection!
    Lucy Scott Bryan did not disappoint in bringing everything together perfectly in The Deal: an omegaverse romance that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings, wreck havoc on your emotions and take you for the ultimate of rides!

  5. BL

    3 stars
    This should have been 4 stars. But there is either a book not listed as part of this series, or the author just truly did not explain. I liked the different alpha omega world. While they enjoyed each other’s scents, it wasn’t the typical match you read.*spoiler*…so. Lennon. Is she the only natural omega left in the world? How big was regalo? How are there so many omegas Regalo made, and no natural ones? What in the heck happened with Lincoln getting some new scar over Patrice? Who was Patrice? I actually assume that one was mentioned earlier in the book and I didn’t remember her. But not what she did to attack Lincoln! Just so many holes. I couldn’t stay in the book because things kept getting brought up I just had no frame of reference for. Based on that fact, I would not recommend this book to people. Maybe if a prequel comes out that explains anything at all about the whole omega and Regalo thing.

  6. Lauren

    Full read
    This book is full of story and details and lots of crazy things that happen. I really enjoyed it. However, I really think that this book needs to be more clearly connected to the other book that the author wrote. As I was reading, it was clear that I should have read the other book first because there were a few things that were written in such as way that the author seemed to assume we would know and understand what was going on. To be specific:1. There wasn’t ever a really clear cut explanation of the whole Regalo situation. It was hinted at, but never clearly given a description of its purpose. The trial part helped explain a little bit, but again, It was never explicitly laid out what the Regalo project was trying to do, and the impact it had in making the Alpha alliance.2. The Evolutionary words that the FMC hated- we never got an explanation of what those meant in this book, so it lost some impact. It wasn’t clear why those words bothered her, and because it became a recurring issue, it was weird that there wasn’t an explanation.3. There were several varied instances of people being introduced from the previous book, which is fine and great, but again, the relationship of how they came together was very quickly brushed over, and some more depth of those clearly deep relationships would have made their story even more satisfying. The only other thing I would say is that the ending was a little bit drawn out after the initial conflict was over- while the final few chapters were super sweet, they felt like an over-long epilogue that would have made a nice bonus chapter for us to read if we wanted to. (Particularly the puppy day chapter)Despite these little things, I really did like the book, and the unique spin on the Omegaverse genre. I’ve never read one quite like this, and it was a nice surprise. Thank you for the story!

  7. haveuseenwanda

    this is the equivalent of getting more than you paid for
    It’s so well written. The characters are so well built and it’s so easy to fall into this world. Nothing new is invented in this AOB, but the perspective and resolution it gives is so poignant. Every page keeps on giving. It’s not rushed or dragging. The characters are so lovable and so understanding too. I’m so happy for Lennon and her pack and I hope in the universe they live in, that they are happy and healthy and safe.

  8. Lyric

    love love it !!!
    Can’t wait to read more !!! The spice was definitely spicing, lbs and the love story was beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ and I love the fact that she wasn’t a week omega but submissive for her lovers

  9. Michelle

    I really enjoyed this book, it’s not like other omega novels. The main character is a very strong independent woman that is an omega but is completely able to look after herself and is very successful.But the premise of the story is very different about what happens to the omegas and how they came to be. It’s very interesting and a unique storyline.I completely recommend this book if you like omega books or just string FMCS you get the best of both worlds 😊

  10. Jen

    Now this is definitely adults only read, Lucy Scott Bryan is a new author for me and her writing feels like it’s more mature in a way, it’s definitely a breathe of fresh air to come across a story that’s written so well and also gives me the vibe of somebody who knows the kind of readers she’s aiming for.I’m a sucker for Omegaverse, and I love anything unique, different with plenty of twists and this had it all and more.Throw in a service dog who you can’t help but want one yourself ❤️This standalone gives you all kinds of feels and entertainment. Huge must read from me.

  11. Galdoria

    Very enjoyable second installment in the same universe at The Gift.Chronologically speaking, it makes more sense to read The Gift before The Deal but I have really enjoyed the clarification and the details this book brings to what was explained in The Gift. Some of the loose ends for me got clarified in this book.

  12. bel

    Like the first book, there were slightly slower parts. But needed. The relationships of Lennon and her pack, and fur pack members is perfect. I loved how these 4 guys knew of each other, worked for the same group, stepped up when needed, but ultimately became a pack because of Lennon. You don’t see that very often in omegaverse where the omega basically chooses the pack members. It was refreshing, and there was a lot of spice.This is the first story in a long time where the dog dies, and even tho it happens off page I still bawled my eyes out.

  13. Vikki

    This is my first book from this author, I know I have also read in the wrong order, but right now I don’t care. This is fantastic. The characters are so real and believable. Lennon is a brilliant fmc, sassy, strong yet also allows herself to be loved and looked after without losing all sense of what she is.A lot of omegaverse books are very similar, with more about smut and less about plot.This boom has everything and one of the most well written books I have read.There is some angst, but not overwhelming, the trauma is mainly in the past and you get snippets as the story develops. It easily pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. Absolutely brilliant

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