The Clapper, The Original Home Automation Sound Activated Device, On/Off Light Switch, Clap Detection – Kitchen Bedroom TV Appliances – 120v Wall Plug Smart Home Technology, As Seen On TV Home Gift


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As Seen on TV – The Clapper The Sound Activated, On/Off Switch. The Clapper can control one or two appliances at the same time by simply clapping your hands
WIRELESS WALL SWITCH: Simplify your life with the easy to use smart home wall switch. No more fumbling through the darkness looking for your light switch. Each package contains 1 Clapper switch.
SOUND ACTIVATION: Lights On! Lights Off! Control your kitchen and bedroom lighting with the simple clap of your hands. Now that’s easy!
MULTIPLE APPLIANCES: Can be programmed to two different appliances. Just clap two times for appliance A and three times for appliance B. Repeat to shut off.
HOME/AWAY SETTING: Adjust for softer or louder claps. In AWAY setting, connected appliances will turn on with the detection of any sound.

Customers say

Customers have expressed negative opinions about the clapping feature of the electronic switch. They mention that it takes a loud clap to respond, it doesn’t hear them cladding, and that claping correctly can be tricky. Opinions are mixed on the quality and ease of use.

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13 reviews for The Clapper, The Original Home Automation Sound Activated Device, On/Off Light Switch, Clap Detection – Kitchen Bedroom TV Appliances – 120v Wall Plug Smart Home Technology, As Seen On TV Home Gift

  1. Angel Sanchez

    Bad reviews are overblown. This is great
    Im gonna start off by saying the bad reviews really made me question my purchase but it’s not “a piece of junk” it’s good it just takes some getting used to. Practice getting the clap right because it is a specific rhythm you gotta do but once you get it down it works like a charm. Do have to clap a bit loudly then again I do have music playing and a fan on but maybe at night when everything always seems to sound louder because there’s no noise throughout the house a quieter clap will suffice but I still have to test that; I don’t want to wake anybody up with my shenanigans. But overall great product works as advertised clap on, clap off just don’t expect it to respond to your claps without a bit of practice getting the rhythm down, but it’s not hard or annoying once u know how it wants you to clapUpdate: At night it’s actually harder to use because your claps sound like they’re very loud while not actually being that loud. In the daytime no problem using it from my bed but at night when the whole house is silent the claps have to sound very loud (even though they’re not actually that loud it’s just very quiet around me) and this actually stops me from using it late at night because I don’t want to wake anyone up but my workaround to this is just to make sure I turn my lights off right as everyone is heading to bed. Maybe a slight inconvenience but since it works for 95% of the day it’s ok. And late at night if I really have to turn the lights on you can get close to the box and clap quietly so it works out to be honest

  2. Ayris

    I feel so classy
    Never had an issue with it turning on by accident or not turning on when I need it to, can be used with anything you can plug in to a regular socket, so it’s both easy to use and is super versatile, as long as your clap can be Heard, it can turn this thing off, so range ya up to your hands, bit overpriced, but worth the money

  3. Shopoligist

    Overall good
    I bought the clapper to control my light switch in my room. My view of this device is this: The Clapper makes good use of limited hardware but is also limited by design decisions.The Good:-It works as advertised-You can control it more silently by knocking on the wall of the outlet its plugged into (this could be seen as bad)-The away function makes it useful for other applications like a proximity switch-There is no LED constantly lit, this makes it good for a bedroom where blinking LEDs are unwantedThe Bad:-The design means that it will block access to a lower outlet depending on application, its polarized so it can only plug in one way.-The mic is on the bottom of the device instead of the top, most outlets are at knee level so it’s facing down away from where you might try and control it-There is a fuse (good), but its not user replicable (bad). All fuses should be user replicable-There is no ground pin. I think this is a design decision to stop you from using an extension cord and other heavy loads. But it limits some genuinely good applications as well-It sometimes takes several tries to get

  4. Donnie King

    Good product
    Good product but when I clapped 3 times to turn on and off my lamp, it was kinda slow to do it’s job. When I tried it again, it worked after clapping several times to turn it off and on.

  5. Donna G.

    The clapper for lights
    We are old school and no tech so this is perfect for us. Clap your hands and the light comes on. Super simple.

  6. jysa

    works as designed – great for weak individuals with limited dexterity
    I purchased this for my mother who has very poor dexterity due to arthritis. She is able to clap – although a bit weakly so. Nevertheless, she can now control her room light instead of waiting for us to come by and adjust her lighting for her.Some days, as we were working or running errands, she would have to patiently wait for us to turn her lamp on or off. Now she has a little more control.If there was anything that could be changed, I wish I could adjust the sensitivity of the clap sound. At her weakened state, her claps are soft and are not always detected by the device. We moved the clapper up to her night stand and secured it safely to the side by bringing up a heavy duty extension cord through the table, yet out of the way. This makes it physically close to her. So far so good.

  7. Rob Hammond

    The clappper is great for people with limited mobility
    I had surgery in february and needed to be in bed for weeks. I purchased ‘The Clapper’ so I would not have to get up to turn the light on and off. Its been working great! Its still hard to get in and out of bed since double hernia surgery so this clapper is a great tool. I don’t even have to clap. I can snap my fingers twice and it turns on or off, but this could be because the outlet is right behind my bed, not sure. I used to see this commercial since the 1970’s and wonder ‘who needs that?’ Now I know!!! Anybody who has trouble with mobility can benefit by the clapper.

  8. PeterPla

    Does the job. Two claps for the top socket!
    I remember several decades ago seeing TV commercials for the Clapper – “Clap on, clap off!!” Then, I thought it was the funniest thing. Now, at 67 with limited mobility, it’s one of my best purchases. It does exactly what it claims and works reliably.I have just one issue: nowhere does it explain that the top socket responds to two claps, and the bottom socket responds to three claps. That created 10 minutes of confusion as we tried to figure out why our light didn’t turn on after two claps – we had it plugged into the bottom socket, so three claps would have controlled it.We plugged the light into the top socket and now two claps control it, as expected. Zero problems since making that change.It would have been nice to get that information from the product packaging! That cost you a star, Clapper folks – you can do better!

  9. Sheldon

    It worked perfectly for my elderly folks to turn out the lights from bed.

  10. Armando Solano

    Tienes que acostumbrarte a lograr el tono y volumen adecuado, pero si tu lo logras el equipo funciona, en mi casa me han odiado por estar aplaudiendo en la madrugada…

  11. Petrichorous

    Clap on!Clap off!Clap on! Clap off!THE CLAPPER! 👏🏼I wanted to be able to turn one of my downstairs lights on from my loft (so I didn’t fall to my death trying to get back down after the sun sets). But, I also didn’t want Alexa/Amazon or Google to constantly have ears on my life (yeah, that concept will never not creep me out).Then I remembered those old commercials that would come in back in the day (see above and tell me you’re not singing the refrain by the third line). “Clap on” was right! Two claps from above and I can now see how to get down from my loft without a splattery death (and without creepy mccreeperston Alexa listening in as I plot my world domination).

  12. Israel

    Excelente producto

  13. Amazon Customer

    This thing could use some modern engineering. It looks like they never touched it from the day it was invented. Things that shouldn’t be registered as a clap are. Then when you do clap, it doesn’t register.I’m not unhappy with the product. Also not happy with the product.

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