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Your best broom and dustpan

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Complete Set: This Broom and Dustpan Set includes both a broom and a dustpan, providing you with everything you need for effective sweeping and cleaning.
Efficient Cleaning: The broom’s bristles are designed to effectively capture dirt, dust, and debris, ensuring thorough cleaning on various floor surfaces.
Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, this set is built to last. The sturdy broom and dustpan can withstand regular use and provide reliable performance.
Easy Storage: The broom and dustpan can be easily stored together, saving you space and keeping your cleaning tools organized and accessible.
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Customers say

Customers like the ease of assembly of the broom. For example, they say it’s convenient and easy to put together. Customers are also impressed with the performance, saying it works well and gets the job done. That said, opinions are mixed on the weight, appearance, size, sturdiness, and stability.

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13 reviews for TreeLen Broom and Dustpan Set for Home,Upright Broom and Dustpan Combo Sweep Set

  1. Indianalan Hoover

    Worth the money
    I love the ease of the product. And how well it balances, it was simple to put together. I’ve had it now for a few months and I have to say that it is wonderful. If I needed another, I would buy this product. Also, there’s a bonus. There’s a scraper built-in, so if you’re picking up Dust. You can brush your broom off before you put the broom in the corner.

  2. Joan Lippman

    Easy to use!
    Great broom and adjustable handle works very well. Easy for deck clean ups with lots of leaves and twigs blowing. Brush bristles work really well! Fun to use actually!

  3. Will

    Handy Broom
    This broom set has made sweeping a much more easier task. The fact that I no longer have to bend over to sweep all the debris into the pan has been such a game changer and life saver for my back. It was fairly easy and quick set up. It’s plastic but seems to be very sturdy. I do wish there were more color options and the broom itself would be slightly longer for taller people.

  4. Jorge Canales

    Very practical and does the job well for what it was designed for.
    There is not much variety of this product on Amazon. I wanted another model, but it seems that almost all sellers import the same thing from China, only changing the colors. I have no choice but to buy this. But I’m not dissatisfied, it does a good job of cleaning, the dustpan can store a good amount of garbage and when storing it, the broom and dustpan can be put together using a plastic piece included. This saves space when storing it. In general sense, very satisfied with the article.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Thank you!
    It has been easy to use and durable. The clip that hole the broom to the dust pan is not big enough to hold the broom. It just falls off if I try. Other then that, it has been great.

  6. Trish

    The Best
    I’ve tried several of these and they all had issues ( cheap!y made, dust pan not level,etc.) But this ugly orange one is the best! Slight angle of broom gets into corners well too.

  7. Virginia S.

    This brush just doesn’t brush
    What I can say about this dust pan broom duo is that, while there is a holder on the handle for the broom,the broom falls over while the pan is locked in place no matter if the broom is to the back side, the side or front. Also, the dust pan does not stay flat and flush to the floor and allows most of the small dirt particle to go right under the pan. I have had to put my toes on the The scrapping teeth to clean out the debris still stuck in the broom works fairly well but you need to repeat the scrapping several time to get it cleaned out. I have 3 dogs, small, med and large. The two larger ones have longer hair and shed. They all like to dig, so I have to deal with dirt coming in on their paws. If I did not have dogs, I would find this broom adequate for general house hold sweeping, but not if you have several dogs like I describe of mine. So I had high hopes for a broom like this to replace one I had similar, but the handle and the broom parted ways. I do not recommend this broom for fur babies mom’s and dad’s.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Works on pet hair
    This broom has been amazing on sweeping the kitchen floor it does not miss a pet hair! Appreciate I down have to bend down with a dust pan. Extra feature is the comd to move anything for the bottom of the broom. I would not hesitate to buy again!

  9. Ontario Canada Client Review

    I had the oxo dust pan ordered off Amazon it’s white with a rubber edge. I realize after using this one, it’s way better without that rubber edge. It’s stores perfectly between my fridge snd freezer I don’t have to move back the dustpan snd try sweeping again like I did the OXO. This one is way better. One shot and it’s all in.

  10. Sunil

    Bought this for my mom but it’s hardly used in Indian houses.

  11. Klaus

    This is an excellent product. I have a bad back making it almost impossible to bend down. This product makes it easy to be just as thorough as when I could hold the dustpan in my hand while I swept up. As well, the attached rake is great for removing any stuck dog hair from sticking to the broom. The fact that the dust pan flips up, holding the dirt securely until you dump it, is an extra bonus. Wish I had found this product years ago.

  12. Yan

    La escoba es angosta pero si sirve y ofrece ahorrar espacio al tener dos artículos de limpieza en un solo especio , es muy útil su cepillo para retirar pelo o pelusa

  13. manish mittal

    Its combing dust pan is great for hair and fibres on floors with ease and design of pan is good so even fine dust also gets collected wothout much effort… even children who are reluctant of cleaning work do cleaning with this happily, my daughter has started taking interest in dusting/cleaning after we brought this… else with traditional broom she hated cleaning work. this is best contribution of this dustpan.Since you can keep collecting garbage in dustpan there is no need to switch off fans and do entire cleaning in one go.. u can sweep small small areas and work in parts and rsst in between without sweating and spoiling hands…only thing is that weight of broom is bit tiring, and can be reduced. and since most of online products are folding … the joints open while using.. so company needs to work on this and length of broom can be increased for better experience.. looking at quality the product is over priced.. still its highly recommended if u have lot of spills and hair fall

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