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Ultra Soft Area Rugs for Living Room, 5’x8′ Gray Fluffy Area Rugs for Bedroom, Modern Shag Rug, Fluffy Area Rugs for Kids Boys Girls Dorm Nursery Home Decor interior, aesthetic, non-slip, durable

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We have focused on high quality home textile products for many years. Every piece of the Fairblink rug is manufactured to high-quality standards and materials and crafted with world-class craftsmanship. Our goal is to add more comfort and relaxation to everyone’s home and we are committed to providing better for customers.

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⭐ Super Soft Feeling – This rug is constructed with soft plush and memory foam, leaves this rug soft and luxurious, makes your kids and baby more comfortable and warmer when playing on the floor. The fluffy and warm rug is a great choice for family floor parties, it does what you really want.
⭐Different comfort experience – Our modern fluffy rugs are made of soft and comfortable materials, with uniform pile length and beautiful appearance, which makes the fluffy rug complement modern bedrooms and living rooms. After the original hard floor is covered with our soft carpet, people will not only feel warmer, but also feel happy and bring visual beauty.
⭐Modern Design – Our rug is designed with a luxurious feel, soft to the touch, warm and beautiful, and skin-friendly. Gray rugs make a wonderful addition to any room, able to easily fit into any interior design style. Neutral tones provide the perfect backdrop that works wonderfully in a cozy bedroom and transforms your room into an inviting space.
⭐PERFECT FIT FOR ANY ROOM – The comfort and warmth this fluffy rug brings to the family. This rug will create a soft and comfortable place for your baby to play on the floor. Its bright colors and furry appearance are perfect for our bedroom, living room, study room and college dorm. This rug creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere for your home and adds color and fun to life.
⭐Easy to clean: We recommend directly shaking off the dirt on the surface of the shag carpet or using a vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning. For deep stains, you can choose to wash by hand. After cleaning, place it in a ventilated place to air dry. Note: Vacuum packed, please lay it flat and it will inflate in 2-3 days.
⭐Perfect Gift – Shag rug is very fashionable and beautiful, especially suitable as a bedroom rug near the bed, it can bring warmth to your family and it can create a colorful world for children. This rug is a perfect gift idea, it is especially used as a gift for friends and children.

Customers say

Customers like the appearance, fit and value of the rug. They mention that it’s beautiful, adds a nice pop of color and is good value for the money. They are also satisfied with comfort. However, some disagree on thickness, ease of cleaning, slip resistance, and durability.

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7 reviews for Ultra Soft Area Rugs for Living Room, 5’x8′ Gray Fluffy Area Rugs for Bedroom, Modern Shag Rug, Fluffy Area Rugs for Kids Boys Girls Dorm Nursery Home Decor interior, aesthetic, non-slip, durable

  1. Consumer

    Pleasantly Surprised
    Honestly, for the price, nobody should be complaining.I bought the 5×8 for $35ish & am feeling like I got my moneys worth. If I had gotten the 6×9 size for $65ish as listed, I wouldn’t feel quite the same.Weight: This is absolutely more of a mid-heavier blanket weight; but it still has a bit of cushioning from the pad on the underside. I’d still classify this as a rug due to its ability to stay in place quite well with a little furniture on top. It’s not bunching around the furniture when walked on (like some of the washable rugs), and I don’t feel as if I’m going to slip or fall on it; although it is a bit of an ultra soft / ‘slick’ feeling on the ‘fur’ as other reviews have mentioned. Cushion: Wouldn’t say it’d cushion a hard fall on it or anything. Not a wrestling mat for kids, but absolutely still cozy for the family to lay around on.Smell: No notable smell, just that subtle factory smell from the plastic packaging but I’m not bothered or feeling like it needs to be properly aired out. I’m pretty sensitive to smells, too.Aesthetics: I got this as a placeholder until I find a rug I really want. The last one started to smell & I didn’t have time to find something I wanted to spend a fair amount of money on before guests come to visit; so I ended up ordering this.Looks alright, but absolutely gives me college dorm room vibes. Still, for the price, it doesn’t look / feel as cheap as it should.Rounded corners on things also remind me of bath mats…and this has those. But that’s just me.Cleaning: MY FAVORITE PART! The vacuuming is a breeze. My little wood floor vac would not get hair out of the last carpet we had. This one does not pull, tangle, or shed when vacuumed, (I’m not even able to turn the rotary brush of my vacuum off so this is a perk) it’s like silk! Pet parent approved!Happy purchaser! No disappointments, I know what I paid.My dog also loves it & isn’t slipping around the wood floors. I don’t have to adjust the rug every time he walks on it or anything. That’s really all that matters in the long run.

  2. Carla Sewell

    Perfect for what we needed
    First let me say that if you’re shopping for a rug for your upscale living room, this one is probably not for you. If you’re looking for something for your kiddo’s room, your pets, the garage, etc. then this will be a great fit. This is not luxury. It’s faux luxury at a decent price! We got the black 8×10 for my daughter’s room and she’s in love. When putting in a kid’s room you don’t want expensive because “this is why we can’t have nice things” they ruin everything. The fibers are silky and soft and a bit slippery. I imagine that will fade with time and use. It’s a thin rug that’s very light. Easy to carry. Easy to move. Easy to adjust. Easy to shake out. There are nonslip things on the bottom but we have ours on a rug pad anyway. (If you want a cushier feel then get a deep rug pad and that way you can change out the rug anytime you want while keeping the rug pad the same.) The black is vibrant and a deep black. It came shrink wrapped and folded. We had to wait a few days to open ours so when we did, it did have fold creases and puffy spots. After letting it settle for a couple of hours and my daughter rolling around on it those disappeared. Ours didn’t have a bad odor but I sprayed a light coat of fabric spray anyway. All in all, a good purchase for us and I would recommend for anyone that wants an inexpensive faux luxury item!

  3. Stacy Martin

    Great value for an OK rug
    First off, the size to price ratio for this rug is great. My greatest concern before purchase was the quality of the rug… was it going to be soft enough, thick enough, and bright enough?Thankfully, I’ve been more than satisfied with all my concerns.There are multiple colors to choose from, but we chose the dark blue. It was bright enough to add a bit color to the room, but also dark enough to hide any small dirt or drips that come our way.The carpet is soft and silky to the touch… you might even describe it as a little slick. Your fingers easily comb through the carpet, like combing through your hair. I would NOT describe the feel as “plush” carpet, ala a sheepskin rug, or a thicker carpet you purchase from the carpet store, but it’s definitely soft enough for pets to sleep on, or babies to crawl on. I’d describe it as more “shaggy” than “plush”. The overall thickness of the carpet is that of a standard doormat, but with longer shag on top.Overall… I’m happy with the purchase. Carpet feels sturdy enough for daily walking and standing on, so it’s a buy for our family room.

  4. Autumn Sloan

    It fits perfect. It’s soft and easy to clean off. Even the packaging was so small being suction packed. So easy and not even heavy weighted. Great product for a great price

  5. Elizabeth J. Encalada

    Love this rug. Super soft and looks great!
    Love, love, love this. Originally brought for living room, but my dog liked to scratch at it. I moved it to my bedroom. It’s super soft and looks great! Very much worth the price. I will be getting another to cover the rest of my floor and several for my kids bedrooms. Haven’t tried to vacuum it because of the shagginess but I take it outside and shake it out. Definitely recommend. Well worth the price compared to other rugs.

  6. Rodrigo

    We are loving it so far
    We bought this rug a month ago and are loving it so far. It is extremally soft to the touch. Gives a great feeling and makes you want to lie down on it. Fairly to no lose fibers, which means it does not live debris behind when you move it around or have things on it. Surprisingly light which makes it easy to manipulate when cleaning the house. Despite that, it dos not slip. We have it placed on a polished/treated hardwood floor and it remains in place. Drains very well and dries quickly. We’ve had an incident of a dog peeing on it. Most of the liquid was entirely drain and the rug was not heavily wet. Both sides were very easy to clean, no stain or smell remained (we cleaned with a regular all purpose cleaner on both sides and applied a dog urine and stain remover from Odoban).

  7. Christina Falin

    Super soft
    I ordered in a 9×12 and the quality is amazing. It’s SUPER soft but not in a fuzzy way. My daughter can’t believe a got a rug this size for the price. It’s got a bit of padding that is nice. No odor upon opening at all.

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