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Vacplus 12 Pack Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets, Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners with Bleach, Toilet Tank Cleaners with Time-Release Technology, Home Toilet Cleaners with Easy Use

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Vacplus automatic toilet bowl cleaning tabletsVacplus automatic toilet bowl cleaning tablets

What’s new Vacplus

Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Package Dimensions: 7.09 x 5.55 x 0.79 inches; 8.47 ounces
Date of first availability ‏: ‎ June 14, 2021
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Vacplus

WHITENING IS WHAT WE DO: Containing powerful whitening ingredients, Vacplus toilet bowl cleaning tablets can effectively remove stubborn stains such as urine dirt, limescale and rust stains with every flush. If you smell bleach every time, don’t worry, it’s the powerful cleaning ingredients that work. Keeping your toilet bowl fresh is what Vacplus does!
SUSTAINED RELEASE TECHNOLOGY: With extended release technology, each Vacplus toilet cleaner with bleach can continuously refresh the toilet bowl for at least 15 days, during which it generates a protective film, effectively preventing stubborn stains from sticking .
EASY OPERATION: BRUSH THE TOILET BOWL BEFORE EACH USE! Simply unwrap the package, then drop the bleach toilet bowl cleaner into the water tank and let it do the cleaning. The preparation is complete, all you have to do is flush the toilet if necessary. Effortless operation saves you a lot of time and energy.
FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS: Vacplus toilet tank cleaning tablets are all made of neutral, coloring-free ingredients and carefully packed in one packet, ensuring hassle-free use with no direct skin contact and no damage to any metal or plastic parts of the tank septic. system.
LONG-LASTING USE: Each Vacplus toilet tablet lasts at least 15 days, saving you a lot of time and energy in frequent replacement. Plus, the total 12 replacement tablets can freshen your toilet bowl continuously for over 25 weeks!

Customers say

Customers like the ease of use of the cleaning agent. They mention that it’s easy to install and handle. They’re also satisfied with the quality, and cleaning. However, some customers report issues with the smell and durability. They say that the tablets disintegrate quickly and the effectiveness does not last. Customers also are disappointed with dissolve time. Opinions are mixed on value, and size.

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13 reviews for Vacplus 12 Pack Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets, Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners with Bleach, Toilet Tank Cleaners with Time-Release Technology, Home Toilet Cleaners with Easy Use

  1. Mimidia

    Excellent results
    I’ve tried many drop ins and these are the only ones that effectively clean and prevent the stains from our water in our toilets. They are long lasting as well and easy to use. Others complain about the strong smell which is a bit like bleach but to me it smells clean and it’s not strong or over whelming.

  2. Rjoyk

    Happy toilets!
    I should have taken before and after photos, not that anyone needs to see my dirty toilets. But these little tablets are amazing! We have hard well water that makes it very difficult to keep the bowls clean, and ever since I dropped one of these in, they are staying fresh and the buildup is minimal. There is some bleachy smell, but nothing too terrible. Definitely going to be putting this on subscription!

  3. Nathalie Lavallee McClendon

    Very Strong bleach smell
    Works great! Very strong bleach smell. Could be detected all across the house!!

  4. KL in AZ

    these are just pure bleach
    smell incredibly bleachy every time you flush the toilet. they only last about five to seven days. they do work well for keeping the toilet clean but you have to be able to handle the smell.

  5. Fain Cochran Jr

    Works as advertised
    Has a very strong smell of Chlorine which you can smell outside the bathroom

  6. AG

    Just what my bathroom needed
    These tablets are small but mighty. They keep my toilet bowl really clean and I like that they seem to even help keep under the rim clean as well. I know some people comment on the strong chemical smell but for me it hasn’t been a issue and find it refreshing knowing my toilet is clean. I assume if you have more than 1 bathroom and you don’t flush your toilet that often then I think you might notice smell more. However being in 3 bedroom house and one bathroom it’s a win for us .

  7. Amazon Customer

    Works Great!
    Even though they last about ten days they work well. The box says it last 15 days but it could be our water. You get twelve in a box and they are small but mighty little buggers. I have them on subscribe and save so I never run out. Worth the money that’s for sure!

  8. Marceline B.

    Small but good product
    I was a little disappointed with the size of this product, but overall is still work the same as the larger ones that I’ve had in the past the only thing is, you will be dropping more in your tank because of the size. Keeps the tank fresh and clean. I will reorder.

  9. Nufus

    It works! One tablet and it cleans wonderfully the WC sparkling and nice smell.


    Excellent quality

  11. Marilyn Robertson

    After reading all the reviews I thought it was going to be quite strong smelling. But it’s not. You can smell a bit of bleach but no where near over powering. Does the job ok

  12. Michelle SCHERMESSER

    It definitely will keep your toilet very clean.But if you are like me, and you hate the smell of strong bleach, I would not recommend it.But on the other side it makes your toilet look like new.I just wish it would come in a Lavender or Citrus or Ocean Blue or Flower scent.

  13. Sophie

    These have not worked in acting as a cleaning agent in my loo, very heavy chemical smell after flushing which isn’t pleasant but I don’t know why because it doesn’t seem to clean anything, I’m still using bleach to clean the loo and was hoping this would reduce the cleaning of the loo but not effective at all. Won’t be buying again!

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