Vanity Fair Women’s Smoothing Bra – 4-Way Stretch Fabric – Lightly Lined Cups up to H


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Vanity Fair’s Beauty Back Bra collection offers the ultimate in smoothing. The bras in this collection are made from soft, 4-way stretch fabric for incredible back smoothing. Lightly lined cups provide a discreet shape perfect for a smooth look under clothing. Available in sizes for fuller silhouettes and for full coverage.
Product dimensions: ‎13 x 8 x 1 inches; 4.8 ounces
Item model number ‏: ‎ 76380
Department ‏: ‎ female
Date of publication on Amazon ‏: ‎ September 23, 2021
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Vanity Fair
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09GYPK7H6

Customers say

Customers like the quality, support, and underwire of the bra. They mention that it’s well made, offers great back support, is wire free, and the straps stay up. They also like the comfort, flatness, and value. Opinions are mixed on the fit.

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13 reviews for Vanity Fair Women’s Smoothing Bra – 4-Way Stretch Fabric – Lightly Lined Cups up to H

  1. ScSpec

    Great Bra
    This is the only bra I wear, and have for years. It’s as comfortable as an under wire can be, is supportive, the back fastener is wide and straps are easily adjusted. It has a thin foam padding which I find is necessary for support, as I wear a DD. This is less than half the price I pay at local department stores. Very pleased.

  2. Aisle Explorer & Deal Hunter

    Comfort and Confidence
    The Vanity Fair Women’s Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing Bra offers a blend of comfort, support, and confidence for those seeking a reliable undergarment. Here’s a comprehensive review of its features:Design and Fit (5/5):This bra is designed with full figures in mind, offering ample coverage and support. The Beauty Back feature ensures a smooth silhouette with no visible lines or bulges, making it ideal for wearing under a variety of clothing styles. The 4-way stretch fabric ensures a flexible fit that moves with your body throughout the day.Comfort (5/5):With lightly lined cups and adjustable straps, this bra provides a comfortable and customizable fit. The fabric is soft against the skin, preventing irritation or discomfort, even during extended wear. Plus, the underwire design offers additional support without sacrificing comfort.Support (4/5):The Beauty Back Smoothing Bra offers excellent support for full figures, thanks to its wide back and underwire construction. The lightly lined cups provide shaping and modesty without adding unnecessary bulk. While some users may prefer a bra with more padding for added lift, this bra still offers ample support for everyday wear.Durability (4/5):Constructed from high-quality materials, this bra is built to last through daily wear and washing. The seams are well-constructed, minimizing the risk of fraying or damage over time. However, some users may find that the elastic bands lose their elasticity after repeated washings.Price Point (5/5):Considering its comfort, support, and durability, the Vanity Fair Women’s Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing Bra offers excellent value for the price. While it may not be the most affordable option on the market, its quality construction and reliable performance justify the investment for many users.Overall Impression:Overall, the Vanity Fair Women’s Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing Bra is a standout choice for those seeking comfort, support, and confidence in their undergarments. Its thoughtful design, comfortable fit, and durable construction make it a top contender in the world of full-figure bras. Whether you’re looking for everyday support or special occasion wear, this bra delivers on its promises and earns high marks across the board.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Nice bra, great support
    I recently lost weight and needed a more supportive bra that wasn’t too big. It’s a very attractive bra that provides a lot of support, the cup size is perfect. Quality is good, fabric is nice. Despite following the sizing guide, the band is slightly tight, but I can still wear it and it is mostly comfortable. I think I would size up the band when I buy another one and I WILL be buying another one.

  4. M. Meyer

    Available in larger sizes. Very comfortable.
    This bra is the only bra that I ordered online that I didn’t have to return. I ordered 4 VANITY FAIR bras, and they all fit. They are pretty and soft. Nice to wear.

  5. Molly Rose

    Great bra – can’t believe how good it was for the price
    I usually wear a 34 HH, i ordered a 36 H it fits great, soft material & great support

  6. Amy Rob

    It’s hooks itself!!
    So I have been wearing this bra almost daily for the last two months and lately for some reason when I twist a certain way or go to get out of my car or something similar to twisting my upper body… My bra unhooks itself! I actually got out of the car to meet with someone the other day and my bra unhooked itself while getting out of my car. I had to literally stand there talking to somebody trying to pretend my bra was not unhooked in the back. Immediately threw anway after the forth time this has happened.

  7. Nicki Reed

    Great Fit
    Super comfortable. True to size. Provides great support. Soft & lightweight. Great price.

  8. Deonn Venture

    Impressive for the price
    My usual measurements are 36 under the bust and around my rib cage, and 42 around the bust, so all my bras are 36F. I am currently pregnant with our third baby, however, and my cup size pretty much went up two cups overnight. I swear, I could feel them expanding, and Lawd save me- I’m only thirteen weeks pregnant. I am still a 36 in band size, but have blossomed into an H cup with a bust measurement of 44 inches.As a busty woman in her mid thirties, I don’t mess around with garbage bras. No Lane Bryant crap for me either- if it doesn’t last and do the job for at least three years, I’m not wasting my money on it.My favorite bras are Elomi (I also have had luck with Anita and La Mystere) which I frequently find on sale (look online, and they can often be found in the $30-50 range, which is excellent) But. I’m pregnant and have six months to go, and who knows what these beauties are going to do once my milk comes back in. I need something to carry me through the next six months, and then my size is likely to change again.I’ve ordered (and returned) quite a few bras in the twenty dollar range off of amazon already, and here is what I can tell you:The Vanity Fair bra looks nice but isn’t the most amazing bra I’ve ever worn, it seems sturdy enough with decent enough fabric and stitching that it should last a couple years. It’s perfectly smooth, so it will work with Jersey knits and under thin fabrics. The bra is true to size, has great lift and shape, and gets the breasts looking perky as well. It’s comfortable, and seems like a work horse kinda bra- not too flashy, but gets the job done. The only slight oddity with this bra is that on me it seems to push my breasts slightly outward so that they are pointing more to my left and right than usual. Because I really need bras that fit RIGHT NOW I am going to overlook this minor glitch, because my husband didn’t think it was noticeable and he was really staring. Bless his heart. I’d give this bra three stars normally, but it gets an extra half star at the moment because of the low price and it suits what I need right now.The Bali Passion For Comfort minimizer bra was the worst on me, smashing my breasts flat in the center and then turning them to the east and west corners of the globe… odd effect.Lilyette by Bali Women’s Beautiful Support Lace Minimizer is well made with sturdy fabric, and seems like it will last a while, but I don’t entirely love the minimizing effect. True to size- It has decent lift, but does flatten them slightly, which probably just isn’t for me. If you DO want to look a cup size smaller this would be a good pick.The Lilyette by Bali Women’s Enchantment Three Section Minimizer Bra looks lovely on. It is true to size, and is a pretty bra, comfortable to wear, and gives excellent lift and shape. No spilling out over the top while I’m gardening, chasing my kids, and walking, and no digging in or discomfort. It has zero minimizing effect on me at all, so I’m not sure why it was labeled as a minimizer. Although this has been my favorite twenty dollar amazon bra thus far, the problem I foresee with this bra is that the lining is super thin and flimsy- this bra can never go into a dryer, and honestly you NEED a garment bag to wash it in or it will likely come apart and snag in the wash. I’m going to hand wash and line dry these. Because I only need it for six months, I believe it will hold up with extra care. I sincerely doubt the bra’s ability to last over a year though, if that.Delimira women’s full coverage non-foam floral lace underwired bra: oh wow, this bra is pretty on. I got it in my current size, but the lace on the cups is so stretchy and loose that the cup itself provides no lift or support. The back band is also extremely stretchy, so even on the tightest set of hooks, it feels a bit loose, and no real support is happening here. All the support rests on the shoulder straps, which are also verrrrrry stretchy. This bra looked so nice on me I wanted to keep it, but realistically once I wore it a few times it would stretch out to the point where it would be utterly useless. I am going to go down a band size and see if that helps, but I can’t currently recommend this for an all day wear if you like a lot of lift. This would be a wonderful bra for wearing around the house and looking sexy in!Delimira Women’s Beauty Lace Non Padded Minimizer Full Figure Underwire Bra – Delimira seems to be slightly off with sizing, and they love crazy stretchy fabrics. I’m working on getting the sizing right, and will review the Delimira bras later on this week.Hope this helps!!!

  9. Sharon Mc

    Well built and very comfortable…no poking or slipping

  10. Nicole G.

    Super sooth. First bra that makes me feel comfortable AND sexy since I gained weight!!!No extra foam that makes your girls look even bigger than they are… juste a perfect fit.I m sooo happy with this! I think I m gonna purchase every available colour!

  11. J Sask

    I like the colour of this bra and have 2 others in this size and style that I wear regularly, but the foam in the cups will not lay smoothly. I contacted Vanity Fair and they did not have any suggestions to correct the lumpy cups. I am reluctant to wear it because I’m afraid it looks odd under t-shirts.

  12. lorenzo hernandez

    Muy buenos en calidad

  13. Irene Grace Enns

    For me, this is the best bra and have several.

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