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VELIMAX Lattice Frosted Window Film Window Privacy Film Static Cling Window Vinyl Opaque Glass Sticker Non Adhesive Anti-UV 17.7×78.7 inches

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VELIMAX is incoperated in 2001.Our company is specialized in manufacturing bathroom hardware accessories and window films, integrates research, development, production, sale and service. With an experienced and professional team, we have exported our products to many countries and regions all over the world. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing needs.

STATIC CLING WINDOW FILM – VELIMAX decorative window film uses static cling which means no adhesive is needed. It is easy to apply and remove without any residue left. Soapy water is the key ingredient, and PEELING OFF THE BACKING LINER is necessary. This removable window vinyl is a great substitute for curtains or window blinds.
AESTHETICAL DESIGN GLASS DECAL – Adding our decorative window cling to your window glass, it won’t be a dull, boring clear any more. The beautiful window cover will improve the look of your home and the look of etched glass will draw attention to the home without being too overbearing.
PRIVACY WINDOW FILM – This etched glass film can help prevent people outside from seeing directly into your home and obscure outdoor views. Cutting the glare of the sun, our window film can add privacy and security for your home without blocking natural soft sunlight while protecting skin and eyes from damage. No more annoying prying eyes around your home.
UV RESISTANT WINDOW CLING – The biggest advantage of our window film is the reduction in the ultra-violet rays from the sun that enter the home. By blocking 99% of UV rays, window tinting also helps protect furnishings, upholstery, paintings, and tapestries from fading and discoloration.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEES – VELIMAX stands behind our products and quality controls. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a product you ordered, we’ll exchange it, replace it or refund your money within 30 days of purchase. If you have any questions or concerns with our products, please feel free to email us the problem, and we’ll take care of you.

Customers say

Customers like the appearance, quality and privacy of the window film. They mention that it looks nice, provides enough privacy without sacrificing natural light and that it turns out exactly how they had imagined. Customers are also satisfied with darkness, and ease of installation. However, some customers report issues with bubbles and crinkles. Opinions are mixed on adhesion and ease to remove.

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13 reviews for VELIMAX Lattice Frosted Window Film Window Privacy Film Static Cling Window Vinyl Opaque Glass Sticker Non Adhesive Anti-UV 17.7×78.7 inches

  1. Melissa

    Highly recommend!
    We are remodeling an older home and decided to turn one of the small bedrooms into a walk in closet. I didn’t want blinds or curtains so I decided to try this decorative privacy film. I lobe it! It was super easy to install and turned out exactly how I had imagined. Looks pretty, let’s in the natural light will providing privacy. If the lights are on at night you will be able to see the shadows and outlines of someone inside but you will not be able to see any detail. I have included pictures of what it looks like from the inside during the day and night and also a picture taken from outside when it was dark out.

  2. Emily

    Has held up beautifully
    I’ve had this film in my bathroom for a few years now with no signs of age despite all of the steamy showers. It provides enough privacy, while still letting the light in, and my pothos has been doing very well on the window sill. Easy to install since if you mess up your alignment, it’s no biggie. You can simply peel it off and start again with no residue. My window was small, so I’m happy to have plenty left over in case I’d like to use it elsewhere. Nice, timeless design, that won’t look dated either!

  3. Brittney

    Looks nice
    Bought this after my toddler kept ripping down our old stuff on the windows. Easy application and pretty forgiving for having to peel it out several times to get it level and because of animal hair lol. We’ll see how this holds up. Once you get to the inside of the roll it was rippled. So far I can see the ripples while on the window, but I’m hoping they’ll go away.

  4. Sara

    Better than any other vinyl window cling I’ve tried
    In general, I find window clings to be impossible but I needed something from the oddly shaped windows next to my front door and was hoping for a miracle. This was easier to measure and cut than most due to the grid pattern on the backing. I think the custom sized pieces I cut out of the larger sheet are the right size and have pretty straight edges. I just used a pair of scissors, no fancy tools. In terms of putting them up, I would say it was easy to get the cling to stick to the window and difficult to get the bubbles out. Overall, we probably got it 90% or more of the way there and it looks good. In direct sunlight, you can’t see any of the bubbles. At night, you can but they aren’t so noticeable that I’m upset. I would say it blocks more light than I was expecting it to (the frosted panels block a lot of light) but I’m happy with the privacy it gives.I don’t think the end result is professional but it’s classy, it gives us privacy without blocking all the light and it was substantially more affordable than any other option.

  5. Ellie

    Easy to apply, looks great!
    This was exactly what I was looking for! I recently painted my front door black and needed a modern, yet simple and clean design to cover the tall window. This film was perfect! And I have enough to also use it in other windows too!

  6. Erin Downward

    Does what it’s supposed to and looks great!
    Easy to install but does take time so don’t expect install to be quick. Product looks great after install and seems to adhere well as long as install instructions are followed. When measuring for window be sure to leave enough trim as film may move a smidge when adjusting.Allow enough to trim off exactly to window frame. Hard to pull backing off when starting new piece!!! Worst part if project.

  7. R. Atkinson

    Great solution for our front door side lights
    The window film was exactly as described. The backing came with guidelines, but the size I needed was odd, so I had to measure and mark my own guideline. It was easy to cut, easy to remove the backing, and easy to slide into place. The air bubbles worked out nicely, and installation was a breeze. It’s been up for a week with no sign of peeling, and it looks great inside and out. Best of all is the privacy it provides us in the evening!

  8. nika

    NO privacy!
    The instructions say it is for privacy. Not at all. From outside you can see your entire room if you get close enough.I bought it for privacy and was sorely disappointed. I had to add a curtain, which I did not want to do.But it is nice looking and easy to put on.

  9. Veronica Vito

    We wanted privacy but still wanted the day light to come through.This window covering did this so well and dresses up our basement windows.It is a very high end product and was easy to work with.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Just as described. Easily clings to glass and air bubbles are easy to deal with a credit card

  11. Jane R.

    I have a window in my shower and wanted to prevent my neighbours from seeing inside. It is perfect. It looks amazing and let’s in a lot of natural light.It is however practically impossible to install without at least micro bubbles (the bigger ones are easy enough to get rid of), but the frosting makes it visible only from an angle and it isn’t visible from the front.If you live in an area that gets a lot of cold, think of replacing it a few times a year. The condensation on the window tends to make some parts looser and moisture trapped between the window and film will create molds.

  12. CarLei

    I am so happy with this product and the look!Allows light in with privacy. This really was very easy to install and did not take long to do.I provided pics of one window done vs. the plain privacy film I had on the windows before – then showed both.If you are looking for an affordable way to spruce up a room, I highly recommend this as a great starting point!

  13. C R

    This is exactly what I needed. Privacy without blocking any light.I actually have it applied to my balcony which is glass on 3 sides and open at the front…so it is outdoors for the most part. The area is subjected to heavy rains and strong winds, but so far, so good.If you are applying it to a single window in one piece, get what you need. If your window is divided into ‘sections’, get more than you think you’ll need if you want to match pattern.

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