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Volcanics Window Privacy Film Static Clings Vinyl 3D Decals, Stickers Rainbow Film for Glass Door Heat Control Anti UV 17.5 x 78.7 Inches

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Welcome to Volcanics,

where founder Courtney turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Our products aren’t just top-notch,they come with a side of charm.

How did we get our start?

Volcanics is a small family created and owned by women entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves in making great products and offering incredible service with a personal touch.

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We love to listen! We listen to each and every one of your feedback. With our years of expertise in this industry and our R&D team, we constantly modify the product for a better experience.

NO ADHESIVES WINDOW PRIVACY FILM: Glue Free Design Cuts down Chemical Release Drastically, Applies in Minutes and Firmly Sticks to Windows
EASY REMOVAL: Leaving No Residue after Removal and the Film Can Even Be Used Again!
UV PROTECTION AND ENERGY SAVING: Blocks up to 96% of UV Rays and Reduces Glare up to 79%, Slows Down Fading on Flooring, Furniture, and Cuts Energy Bill up to 30% by Rejecting up to 45-85% of Total Solar Energy
RAINBOW EFFECT: When the Sun Shines Through, It Casts Lots of Rainbows, Creates the Appearance of Stained Glass and Adds an Attractive Design for an Updated Look
PRIVACY PROTECTION: Provides Privacy and Allows the Lights in. Privacy Level :★★★☆☆ Semi-Private Window Films (Protects Your Privacy But Not Recommended For Bathroom Application)

Customers say

Customers like the ease of installation with this window film. They say it’s easy to apply and the instructions are helpful. They also appreciate the quality and how effective it is at blocking light. Customers say it provides great privacy and the rainbow effect is nice. They like that it lets in all the light and that it makes magic of any direct sunlight.

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13 reviews for Volcanics Window Privacy Film Static Clings Vinyl 3D Decals, Stickers Rainbow Film for Glass Door Heat Control Anti UV 17.5 x 78.7 Inches

  1. Sally Skeleton

    So pretty! So easy! So effective!
    I bought two rolls of this to cover up my windows in the dining area of my place. I had no privacy in the evenings and was looking for an alternative solution that was not only effective but that would look good too. After putting these up, I finally have some really effective privacy. It’s so nice without everybody being able to see into my windows whenever they please at night.The amazing amount of rainbow effect that happens during the daytime when the sunlight streams through is so neat! My place is flooded with rainbows everywhere. It is better than I pictured! It’s incredibly easy to put up and takes just a few minutes to install. And it’s reusable which is really nice. This is definitely worth every penny and then some! I can’t wait to add more to other windows.

  2. Penguin

    Best purchase I’ve made in years!
    Brightens up my day every single day. Beautiful and easy to install! Though, I would like to inform potential future buyers that it does not make the rainbow effect during the daytime or morning, ONLY for about 3 hours on a sunny evening. I thought it’d just be whenever the sun hit it, but either way it still makes me happy. I don’t need blinds anymore either, this window film has enough privacy for me to feel comfortable! Genuinely good quality vinyl cling film. Looks professionally done and took me no time to set up!

  3. Smokie

    Looks excellent, decent privacy, relatively easy to install
    We got this to help our pets not be alarmed or overstimulated by things outside our screen door, so I had low expectations but this product really blew them away. It was relatively easy to install (hindered somewhat by aforementioned pets), and even though I measured our door wrong and we had to install a couple of sheets side by side you can’t tell unless you’re right up against the glass. The rainbows it casts are a bonus (and the pets seem to like them), and it looks way classier than I anticipated even given the reviews / images.Like other reviewers mentioned, the adhesion around edges and corners can be a little inconsistent. We have a bottom edge that never adhered quite right, but it hasn’t affected the rest of the panel or gotten worse and it too is virtually unnoticeable unless very close up.Best of all: easily removeable (and reinstallable); there is no adhesive involved! It’s really just slightly soapy water and the film itself. We had to remove things a couple times to get the placement right (because I can’t measure apparently) but it was no problem reattaching. I don’t know how you might store this if you had to remove it and not reattach it immediately (there’s a protective film separating the back from the front when first installing), but it seems like that’s something you could do (say if one were moving).If you need to add privacy and / or pizzazz to windows in your home without adhesives or construction, give this a try. I think you’ll be pleased!

  4. SA Val

    Provides privacy without reducing light
    Easy application and does what it should.When the sun falls on it in the right way tiny prisms make beautiful designs. I bought another roll to use on some other windows.

  5. Emily

    renter friendly!!!
    Easy to instal and comes off with no trace that anything was there – which makes it super renter friendly. It allows light to come in without the vulnerability of having the blinds up. Also super beautiful

  6. Dallas Gamer Family

    Looks great in person, applied easily
    I absolutely love this stuff. It’s a nice thick quality cling, and the holographic larger “shattered triangles” design (they are about 1 inch size) has a higher quality look than the others I have seen with simply translucent, smaller triangles.I used it to cover a window that looks out at a cluttered patio. Now I don’t see the mess, just pretty holographic colors!I washed my window *thoroughly* with windex first, dried it, and applied slightly sudsy water to the window per the instructions. I used a rubber squeegee to smooth it as I went, and a year later it is still tightly clung on with no bubbles and no loosening at the edges. I’m trying to decide if I have any other windows I could put it on 🙂

  7. Alex

    GET IT!!
    These window stickers are the best choice I ever made for my windows . It offers a perfect amount of privacy with BEAUTIFUL decor for any room. When the sun shines on it it makes such beautiful colors on the windows and in the room even better than the ones I got on photos. I got the smallest roll (1st choice) but I got 3 of them and I was able to cover one entire window top and bottom , 3 of them with just the bottom , my 2 medium sized kitchen windows (just the bottom) and then the top and bottom of my small bathroom. And still had a few pieces left. It was so so easy to apply. all you need to do is wash the windows with windex, wet the window with soap as well as the sticker ALOT and place it on . you will still be able to move around and adjust. all you need is a credit card wrapped in a rag to get the air bubbles out. i had no issues with lifting or anything. they have stuck and make my home so beautiful for such a good price. GET IT!!

  8. Felicia rivera

    Beautiful privacy
    Gives me privacy as my room is in the basement so you can see right in the window when shades are open. Now I can have natural light and a beautiful rainbow in my room and have the rainbow of colors displayed if you look into the window from outside. It was really easy to apply to the window

  9. Tina

    I bought this product for 2 windows in my apartment. I hated having blinds on my patio door window and wanted more natural light, but also the privacy. This was the perfect solution. I love the colours that appear when light shines through. Very easy to put on, but you will need a squeegee. I bought a shower one from the dollar store. I reccomend.

  10. Christian

    This window film immediately reduced the heat in our home office, which was previously unbearably hot. I love that it lets light in, but we no longer get blinded by the sun flooding in!The product’s instructions were easy to follow, so installation was fairly simple.

  11. Tina

    Great for privacy while still getting lots of light. Pretty easy to put on. You will need to get a squeegee to get all air bubble out.

  12. Easy

    Die Folie sieht sehr gut aus und schimmert in allen Farben wenn die Sonne darauf fällt. Das anbringen der Folie war relativ leicht. Ich bin sehr zufrieden!

  13. Iona Yvette Fernandes

    Beautiful.Absolutely beautiful.Fixed with water spray.Love it!!!

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