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WALI Outlet Shelf Wall Holder,Bathroom Wall Shelf up to 10lbs Standard Vertical Duplex Wall Shelf Organizer for Smart Home Decor Space Saving Power Tools, Toothbrush (OLS001-W), 1 Pack, White

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If you are struggling to set up a TV, computer monitor, projector, game center, speaker and other smart devices, you can use our products, we provide economical set up solutions.

Each product is designed to give you a better digital experience so you can work more efficiently and enjoy your life.


WALI is a company focused on providing solutions for home and office electronics setup. It has been established in the United States for more than 5 years. Since its establishment, it has sold more than 5000000 pieces of goods, and its product quality has been recognized by most consumers.

We have multiple product support team members, email 12 hours to answer any questions you may have. To provide you with the best shopping experience.

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Ergonomic Design: Use an existing outlet to create an additional shelf that is 4.3″ wide and 5.1″ deep. Sturdy platform supports up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg).
Easy Installation: Just like replacing the outlet cover with this outlet holder. Installation only takes a few minutes.
Space Saving: Simply replace outlet covers in bathroom, kitchen, dorm, bedroom, garage or any wall/room to free up floor and countertop space.
Flexible Use: Sleek, modern design complements most rooms and walls. Perfect for Smart Home Speakers, Home Mini, Power Tools, Toothbrush and Keys.
Package Includes: 1 x WALI Outlet Shelf, 1 x Mounting Hardware Kit, 1 x User Manual, experienced and friendly US based customer support available to assist 7 days a week.

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Customers like the quality, appearance, performance, and portability of the electronic device mount. They mention that it’s very well-made, sturdy, and works well. They appreciate the material, space, and ease of installation. However, some customers have reported issues with the fit.

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13 reviews for WALI Outlet Shelf Wall Holder,Bathroom Wall Shelf up to 10lbs Standard Vertical Duplex Wall Shelf Organizer for Smart Home Decor Space Saving Power Tools, Toothbrush (OLS001-W), 1 Pack, White

  1. Heather C

    Very nice
    Very simple to set up and seems like pretty good quality. Works great for my HomePod mini.

  2. Caspeezy

    Perfect Design
    This is a wonderful project. It is perfect for my room, as I needed somewhere to keep my WiFi Router flat and low to the ground. Highly recommended.

  3. Fellow shopper

    Love the idea
    Bought these in hopes of eliminating cords being strung out on the counters. Unfortunately where our outlets are placed, they won’t work so will have to send back. I should have measured first. They look very easy to put together and install, so bummed they don’t work for our area!

  4. Tanja

    It’s so practical
    I love it

  5. Tidy House

    Alexa’s new home
    I did not like Alexa sitting on my counter creating more clutter so I’ve tried multiple solutions, including using the 3M Velcro holders to stick her to the wall. I find that the back of Alexa will not adhere to those. I even tried using Gorilla Glue to make the 3M Velcro strip stick, which worked for a few months before falling off.FINALLY I have a solution. I love this shelf. It was easy to install and it does the job of keeping Alexa out of the way. I wish her power cord was shorter, but I looped up the excess and have it stuck underneath the cabinet. Maybe it looks weird but at least I don’t have cords all over the place.

  6. Paige

    Get this crap off my counter!
    I hate having clutter all over the counters, especially when it can be prevented! This thing does the job perfectly for my sons bathroom, music while showering needs. Much more heavy duty plastic than expected. Frame piece is thick and seems sturdy, replacement switch plate is metal. Easy install, come with everything you need, Including screws.

  7. CrystalPistol

    Easy install, nice color
    This was easy to install and I like that dark version of this product. I used this for my son’s alexa in his bathroom as he likes to listen to music while showering. The alexa was taking up counter space so I bought this to fix that. It was easy to assemble and install. My only complaint is the cut out for the cord is slightly not big out due to how the jack plug in for the alexa sticks out. Lastly, I noticed after about a week of installing the part where you sit your radio is dipping, leaning down as if the weight of the alexa is too much. It’s not a lot of weight though so I am not sure how long this will last.

  8. It’s me, Meg B

    Absolute NEED
    I was given one as a gift then went back & ordered two more. I have one in the kitchen for the Google Home Mini & one in each bathroom to hold a little fan or whatever else. Clears up counter space without getting in the way itself. Add to cart ASAP.

  9. Helen S

    I needed two chargers for my 31’ bunkhouse. I ordered a cheaper version…huge mistake, the shelf was warped nothing would stay on it so sent them back.I ordered this product and was very pleased with the strength and finish of the product. The shelf is level and strong. Does exactly what it says. It’s good value for the money paid. I highly recommend.

  10. Yo

    No me gusto que no embona en mis placas del apagador

  11. Luis Herrera

    Quedan las bocinas a la perfeccion como si fueran sus bases originales

  12. Sarahi Carpio

    Lo uso para mí Alexa y está excelente. Me encantó su practicidad

  13. Chrissy

    Love these ! Put one beside my bed to charge my cell with at night and one in kitchen for my mini google. Keeps cords off the floors and counters. Def recommend these ! Nice product made thick hard plastic and metal. Simple to install.

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