Wall Outlet Extension with Shelf and Night Light, Surge Protector, USB Wall Charger with 5 AC Outlets and 3 USB Ports, 1 USB C Outlet, Large Space, 3 Sided Power Strip, Multiple…


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Mifaso Power is a professional manufacturer of surge protectors, power strips, extension sockets, wall adapters, USB chargers, etc.

We are committed to exploring new technologies and services to help people live safer and more friendly lives, we take energy saving as our mission and use high-tech methods and management system advanced to achieve a win-win situation.

Power strip and socket extension

9 in 1 Wall Socket Extension: The socket extensions are designed with 5 USB sockets + 3 USB ports + 1 USB-C port. The 3-sided power strip with LED night light and removable shelf. By using the middle screw to secure it to the wall for a duplex outlet, you won’t risk unplugging the entire device when you unplug just one cord.
Socket extension with soft and intelligent night light: The power of the LED light is 1.5W, automatically turns on the light in the dark and turns off the light at dawn. Built-in touch sensor, you can also directly choose to manually turn on/off the night light. The light is soft and just enough to illuminate the surroundings, improving safety at night.
Space-saving and enlarged removable shelf: Our wall-mounted shelf allows you to remove your devices from the counter and can also be loaded easily. 3-sided design, so you can use it for large, odd-shaped plugs that tend to cover other outlets.
1800 J SURGE PROTECTOR TO PROTECT YOUR DEVICES COST: The power strip has an energy rating of 1800 joules providing a reliable power strip to protect printers, broadband modems, home theater systems, and more. It protects your electronic devices from overloads, short circuits, power spikes, lightning strikes or fluctuations.
What you save and get: 5-outlet power strip, power outlet shelf, 3 USB wall chargers, 1 USB C adapter, night light. Our plug extension cord has passed FCC and ETL certification. Friendly Customer Service: You can buy with confidence, backed by a 12-month warranty. What could be more profitable than that?

Customers say

Customers like the extra outlets in the power strip, saying they come in handy. They also appreciate the compact size, saying it saves counter space. Customers are also happy with the nightlight, ease of installation, and charging. However, some customers differ on performance, quality, and value.

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9 reviews for Wall Outlet Extension with Shelf and Night Light, Surge Protector, USB Wall Charger with 5 AC Outlets and 3 USB Ports, 1 USB C Outlet, Large Space, 3 Sided Power Strip, Multiple…

  1. J.O.

    Excellent Idea!
    This wall socket is perfect for my family room. I keep it beside my sofa and it allows me to store a cell phone while it charges. It’s also large enough to hold an Amazon Alexa Dot. The multiple angle sockets makes plugging in devices simple. This is a really good product and I highly recommend it.

  2. john J.

    Wonderful product!!!
    I wasn’t looking for this.. I rather stumbled on it and am I glad I did!Wonderful product in every single way.Love the night my light and the design is excellent. The tray on top for the cell phone is a real winner..Try it!!!!!!

  3. Doctor Gangreene

    Meh, it’s okay.
    This will cover up TWO electrical outlets, stacked vertically. Which is the typical configuration in most American homes. However, due to manufacturing defects sometimes the prongs on this won’t line up exactly with the holes in the outlet. Fortunately, one of the sets of prongs on this unit is FAKE, made of plastic, so you can use a razor knife and just cut them off if you have trouble making the unit fit on your outlet.It has SIX power outlets, all grounded. All tied to a single wall outlet. DO NOT use this for any high-power devices or you might blow out a fuse in your house, if you connect too many high-power devices to the same outlet! Use common sense please! Ask an electrician if you’re not sure what I mean.The tray on top of this unit is nice for setting your cell phone down, so you can plug it into the unit to charge it up. The unit does have some USB ports built in. They seem to work as expected. But the tray sticks out pretty far, be careful that it doesn’t become a tripping hazard if your outlets are close to the floor. And remember it’s only meant to hold your phone. It’s not a book shelf. Don’t put a lot of weight on it.The tray MIGHT interfere with the geometry of your plugs, too… depending how fat your device’s power plugs are. But the tray is removable if you want it out of the way.The unit is pretty fat. It’s not a 90-degree angle on all three sides, it’s not a rectangle. The sides sort of slope, so the unit is wider at the back than at the front. This also means that any plugs on the SIDE of the unit MIGHT interfere with trying to plug other things into the front of the unit, depending just how thick your device’s plugs are.So yeah, it’s nifty for turning ONE power outlet into SIX, and the phone-charging tray is a nice touch. But once you get it home and start plugging things in, you may find some weird problems with the basic geometry involved. Other than that, if you have NORMAL sized device plugs, it works great.

  4. Kathleen

    I was a bit dubious when I ordered this.
    But It turned out that it is a MAJOR improvement for how I charge my cellphone and Kindle. I only use it for those two, but it’s very nice that there are more for friends and family who are over at my home.It took a little getting used to the night light, and I worried that it’s activated whenever there’s any exterior light at all, like from the hallway. I thought, too, that the light itself might not last, and couldn’t be replaced.

  5. Jim

    Very Useful.
    Very Useful. Various outlets well positioned. Solid piece, have had a few of them for a few months. No problems yet.

  6. skbest79

    wonderful very handy
    just love this the shelf is very handy for setting items when charging .. easy to install and works great . great value

  7. Loves Kids Books!

    Great find!
    I bought this because it fit simply into an existing double outlet, provide 5 places to plug things into AND has 4 USB ports (1 a C port), and a little shelf at the top to put your phone while charging. Perfect for plugging in a table lamp, CPAP machine and laptop. I also bought it because of the nightlight facing down which can easily be turned on when you want, or set to turn on automatically at dark. Or you can set it for automatic lighting then turn it off when you sleep if light bothers you. Very easy.Think about what outlet to use for installation as being right close to the floor may result in dust ending up in the various holes (electrical and USB) and the nightlight being useless. This wall outlet extender is Easy to install. You’ll need a phillips-head screwdriver. First remove the existing grounded wall double outlet face plate and screw on a grounded double US-style outlet (requires a small, regular screw driver). Insert the charging tray into the slot at the top, then carefully align the two long prongs into the grounding holes of the wall double outlet. Be ready to engage the screw as you go. (Don’t remove the tiny piece of paper on the back of the unit holding the screw from falling out.) When you go slowly, it’s slick as a whistle! Takes only a few minutes.It is good to know the capacity of item you’re plugging into this extended wall outlet as electricity flows only from one outlet on the wall to the five outlets on the extended wall outlet. You’ll also want to think about which outlet to use as being right close to the floor may result in dust ending up in the various holes (electrical and USB).Although I bought this for home use, it’s small enough to bring traveling so long as the outlets where you’re traveling to are the US-style and you’ll have access to a philips-head screw driver (remember the screwdriver probably won’t be allowed on any carry-on luggage.)And the price is great.

  8. L. Thomas

    Decent shelf
    I use this shelf in my bathroom to hold a speaker. The shelf is a little more flimsy than I would like, but so far it works. The number of outlets is great and a nice feature.

  9. Sandra M.

    Great plugin! It is in constant use and works well.

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