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Wall Outlet Extension with Surge Protector, 6 AC Outlets, Shelf, 2 USB and USB C Charging Ports – Outlet Extension for Home and Dorm

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Product Description

mifaso powermifaso power

wall outlet extensionwall outlet extension

electrical outletselectrical outlets

9-in-1 wall outlet extension

6 power outlets and 2 USB A and USB C ports

Simply plug it into a regular power outlet, this multifunction USB wall charger expands 1 outlet to 6 AC outlets and 3 smart USB charging ports that allow you to power up to 9 devices simultaneously.

Removable shelf

Allowing you to add storage space wherever there is an outlet. Use it anywhere you need a little extra space! This space-saving solution is ideal for small electronics and household items, such as phones, tablets, speakers, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The shelf can be mounted upside down for added versatility.

Note: The electrical outlet must be vertical for the shelf to be at the top or bottom.

Specifications 6 AC outlets, 1875 W Voltage compatibility: 125 V AC, 50/60 Hz USB-C port output: 5 V/3 A USB-A port output: 2.4 A/port, 3.1 A Total 490 Joules Surge Protection Item Dimension: 3.62*5.32*1.18 inch Weight: 0.62 lbs


cable managementcable management

smart USB portssmart USB ports

Maximize space

Instantly add storage and display space to your home or office with the versatile wall shelf. Featuring a non-slip rubber mat, this shelf is ideal for storing a toothbrush, toothpaste, speaker or other accessories while staying out of the way.

Holds cords in place

This cable management channel built into the outlet shelf gives you easy access to the outlet while allowing easy cable management. Wires can be wrapped around the cable management piece or tucked into place to hide the mess.

IQ Smart USB Technology

3 Total 5V 3.1A USB Charging Ports. High-speed USB ports automatically detect charging devices and deliver optimal charging speed, up to 2.4A per port.




Protection against overvoltage

The wall-mounted faucet includes 490 joules of surge protection to protect your connected devices from damage.

The hard shell protects all electrical components and ensures that the surge protector will not be easily damaged by external forces.

Safety and security

It includes a protected indicator light to indicate that the surge protector is working properly.

The sockets’ flame-retardant shell can withstand temperatures up to 1382°F (750°C), maximizing safety performance.

Easy to install

This socket extender installs in minutes thanks to its universal design. This socket will fit both standard and decorative sockets. The included screw can be used to secure it to a duplex outlet.

Please NOTE: Please make sure the type of your sockets when you want to use it in bathroom or kitchen.

Shelf Instructions: Simply push the shelf into the slots forward from the back of the outlet extension. There are slots at the top and bottom, you can fix the shelf at the top or bottom as needed.

extension socketsextension sockets

Wall socket shelf

Well-designed wall-mounted charging station with a large wall-mounted shelf for home use, keeps the charging socket safe and tidy.

Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars 14,282 4.5 out of 5 stars 8,913 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,583 Price $9.99$9.99 $9.99$9.99 — Count of outlets 6 AC outlets 6 AC outlets 5 AC outlets USB charging ports 3 USB ports (1 USB C) 3 USB ports (1 USB C) 3 USB ports Each USB output (max) 2.4 A 2.4 A 2. 4 A Surge Protector 1800J 490J 1800J Rated Power 125 V/15 A, 60 Hz, 1875 W 125 V/15 A, 60 Hz, 1875 W 125 V/15 A, 60 Hz, 1875 W Input Voltage 125 V 125 V 125V Item Dimensions 5.7 x 1.9 x 1.7 inches 3.5 x 12.5 x 1.2 inches 3.5 x 4.8 x 1.7 inches Highlighted Swivel Plug Power Sensor night light shelf

Power Strip Extension: 6 AC (15A/125V/1875W) and USB C outlets and 2 USB A smart charging ports (DC 5V/3.1A total output) with built-in surge protection that meets most of your needs in life. allowing multiple devices to be charged simultaneously.
Space-saving and removable shelf: The wall-mounted shelf allows you to remove your devices from the counter and charge them easily. The outlet shelf can also hold a wide range of common household items, razors, toothbrushes, speakers, etc.
Smart and Fast USB Charging Ports: USB ports with SmartIQ technology provide optimal and fast charging to all devices, up to 5V/2.4A per port, total current of 3 ports is 3, 1 A. They are widely compatible with most types of cell phones, tablets and electronic devices.
SURGE PROTECTION & SUPERIOR SAFETY: This wall outlet extender features a surge protection rating of 490 joules to protect your electronic and mobile devices from voltage spikes. Built-in safeguards fully protect against overcurrent, overload and overheating for fast and secure charging.
Easy Installation and Warranty: Simply plug the surge protector into a standard grounded duplex wall outlet and you are ready to go. Please NOTE: Please make sure the type of your sockets when you want to use it in bathroom or kitchen.

Customers say

Customers like the charge, value, ease of installation, and usb ports of the power strip. For example, they mention it’s a great tool for the space, and one of the best investments they’ve made in a long time. That said, opinions are mixed on quality and size.

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12 reviews for Wall Outlet Extension with Surge Protector, 6 AC Outlets, Shelf, 2 USB and USB C Charging Ports – Outlet Extension for Home and Dorm

  1. Debra Durazo

    This shelf allowed me to free up space on my bathroom counter and the additional outlets are useful too. I was able to put my water pick on the shelf and the charger for my electric toothbrush. I can keep those items plugged in and still have outlets for my hair dryer and hair tools.

  2. B

    Extra space for a good price
    Easy to install and setup. Comes with a screw if you want to remove the existing outlet plate cover and replace. However, I didn’t feel that extra step was necessary as it still remains very stable just by simply plugging it into the outlet as it.

  3. Angelica Loveless

    Great product
    We really like the product. It works as advertised. Love the platform to put devices on. We can stack devices, so no more cellphones scatter in the counter. It has give us a lot more plugs to charge and connect things and it looks good too. The only thing is cables may get messy but it has little cable holders as well. Overall 5 stars from us.

  4. JMD

    Love It
    I purchased this for my laundry room. We have a few small appliances that have rechargeable batteries and we also keep our iPad, phone, and other electronics chargers in that room. Unfortunately the room only has 2 plugs and one is being used by the washer and dryer. This plug helped extend the number of plugs both regular and usb. In addition the shelf is a nice feature. I use the shelf for small electronics like my watch that I only have to charge once a week. It keeps it off of the counter where it could get damaged. The only thing that did not work on this product was the plastic stabilizing plug. I removed it so that the unit would plug in. The plastic piece is suppose to provide more stability to the unit, but I have not had any problems with it being wobbly or coming out of the plug. The fit was great and ti was easy to install. The price was great too.

  5. Janell Chandler

    Love it!
    It screws into the switch so it makes it very secure. Plugs all work well and great having the little table to use. Will be purchasing more.

  6. gg

    I’ve been trying to find one like this. . .
    I have an outlet that needed more access but did not seem to allow for installation of other products. This one fit perfect, easy to install and definitely gives me the extra outlets I needed in that area

  7. Claudia

    Super light weight , looks and feels cheap

  8. Jewelz

    Love this thing
    Has plugs and ports. The shelf is amazing. I have portable chargers that have the shortest wire ever. The shelf allows me to sit them there while they charge. I have my bed, phone, watch, lamp, and portable chargers plugged in. 10 out 10 recommend!

  9. Alondra M

    Tiene un palo que no se entiende para que es, lo corte y con eso ya entra bien en el enchufe.Revisen la orientación de sus contactos, ya que si están inclinados, quedará inclinado y no se podrá usar la minirepisa que tiene

  10. Amazon Customer

    If this item was cheaper I would buy at least 2 more.

  11. Angel Enrique Vitorin Caamal

    Excelente producto

  12. Raul D.

    Muy bu nad

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