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Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Earphones, 40H Stereo Earbuds, Bass, Noise Canceling, with 4 ENC Mic, USB-C Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones, LED Display, IP7 Waterproof, Sports for Android iOS

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Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesWireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesWireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesWireless Bluetooth Headphones


Ordtop is a brand specializing in wireless Bluetooth headphones. It launched a series of excellent wireless Bluetooth headphones, opening up the world of music and sports, allowing music lovers and sports enthusiasts to rediscover the joy of music and sports.

What makes our product unique?

The recently upgraded i13 has significantly improved both in sound quality and wearing comfort! It’s light and textured! I believe it can bring you a very good experience!

What is our objective?

Our goal is to provide consumers with stylish, unique, high-quality and affordable products.

Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesWireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesWireless Bluetooth Headphones

Leading Bluetooth V5.3 Technology & One-step Auto Pairing: Adopting advanced Bluetooth 5.3, support for HSP HFP A2DP AVRCP wireless earphones, which give you unparalleled audio experience with faster transmission speed, greater Connection stability and longer Bluetooth range. Taken out of the charging case, the Bluetooth earbuds will automatically pair with each other and just tap the i13 Bluetooth list on your device to connect. In just a few seconds, you are in the world of euphonic music.
Dual LED Power Display & Upgraded 40 Hours Playback: Dual LED power display on the case can help check the charging status of the wireless earbuds and charging case. The wireless Bluetooth earphones can get 8 hours of playtime on a single charge. The lightweight charging case supports 4 times wireless earphone charging, providing up to 40 hours of continuous music time. Type-C charging port can provide faster and safer charging. Take it traveling with you, you can enjoy long-lasting music every day.
Stereo Deep Bass and Clear Call: The wireless earphones adopt DSR lossless HD rendering technology and are equipped with a premium 13mm dynamic driver. The transmission area is 4 times larger than the normal transmission area, making the bass more punchy and the midrange full and textured, the treble is crystal clear. Large chamber acoustic design balances internal and external air pressure well to avoid sound loss, the Bluetooth earphones are combined with ENC noise-canceling mic ensuring you can be heard clearly even in a noisy environment.
Ultralight and Comfortable: The pocket-sized charging case does not take up space to carry, and you will have no stress while wearing sports earphones. Earbud wireless headphones are designed to fit the contours of the human ear with a curved structure identical to the shape of the ear canal, making them comfortable to wear and won’t fall out while running or hitting the gym. Bluetooth headphones use IP7 nano-coating technology, which can protect internal components from liquids and ensure longer service life
Smart Touch Control & Wide Compatibility: Features with touch control sensors, Bluetooth wireless earbuds allow you to power on/off, play/pause, skip songs, answer/hang up, adjust volume, activate Siri and access other functions with the touch of a button. Completely free your hands when you are busy exercising, driving or running. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including iOS or Android smartphones, TVs, computers, laptops, etc.

Customers say

Customers like the appearance, performance, ease of use, battery life and value of the headphones. They mention that they’re noise cancelling, work well and that they are easy to pair with their devices. They also like the fit, sound quality and quality.

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13 reviews for Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Earphones, 40H Stereo Earbuds, Bass, Noise Canceling, with 4 ENC Mic, USB-C Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones, LED Display, IP7 Waterproof, Sports for Android iOS

  1. K. Wycoff

    Best Earbuds I’ve found
    These are the absolute best earbuds I’ve found and purchased. Not one to spend bunches of bucks on stuff, more or less something that could fall out and could be lost. That being said – I.LOVE.THESE! Shipping was fast, paired easily with my Kindle and Pixel 7. I’m an avid audiobook listener (especially during work!) and the first time I used these with the book I’m listening to I was amazed. Perfect balance between left and right, fit well in my ears, no need for me to change the white “ear fitters” and they stayed in very well without hurting the ear canel. Don’t understand the negative comments about noise cancelling – these blocked most noises but I could still hear what was going on around me faintly — which is what I want. Have had these for over a week and the battery life is very good. I mowed the yard yesterday and these didn’t fall out – best point ever! Got the rose gold cause I’m not absolute enough for black or white – love the color. These appear to be very durable and I look forward to a summer of listening to great music and books on these. Definitely worth the price.

  2. Stephanie A

    A great value!
    These things are great – comfortable, great battery life, sound cancellation is fantastic. Paired easily with my 15 Pro Max. Extremely pleased and would highly recommend to anyone looking to save some $$$ from the overpriced brand name!

  3. BWK

    Amazing value and good noise reduction
    These ear buds allow me to hear a podcast while I vacuum or cut my grass (with my electric lawn mower). You can’t turn the noise reduction off, so it isn’t obvious how well it works, but my experience is very positive.I found the ear buds to be comfortable and they don’t fall out of my ears. Bluetooth pairing was extremely easy. The compact case is really cool with its charging display. They arrived fully charged. Maybe the best thing about them is that, if you lose them, it costs very little to replace them. The sound quality is very good and the operation is also very nice. They are, in a word, amazing!

  4. Mandi O.

    Very impressed
    I was very impressed with how well these ear pieces work. I have an IPhone so i was not expecting it to be very compatible with my phone. Calls are clear, definitely blocks background noises. Only issue i have with them is the volume of hearing the music or the other person on the phone, not sure if that has to do with the type of phone i have but definitely love these and would recommend them to anyone looking for a quick wireless headset. The battery life is long lasting, ear pieces charge fast when places back in case was about five days before i had to charge the case again.

  5. Dwight and Jennifer Steves

    Very good ear buds
    I am very happy with this purchase. These ear buds have good sound quality, have great battery life, comfortable, and they were easy to learn how to use. I would recommend these for anyone looking to buy great quality ear buds for a great price.

  6. dream

    Amazing for the price!
    I’m suprised! These are the BEST budget friendly earbuds I have. The sound quality is great! Music is clear, and the bass on these when I play music is quite higher than I expected, especially for these budget friendly earbuds. Honestly for me, perfect amount of bass! If I want more or less I go on Spotifys equalizer option, so there’s no problem there. I don’t know about the battery life on these yet because I just got them, but I’m sure it won’t be a big problem and should last a while. However, when I got these, on the case it said the percentage was 70. I charged them to 100 and they charged quite quick! Around 15-20 minutes I think! The time passed by so fast that I didn’t even realize honestly. These don’t feel too cheap as well, they are a little light but still pretty good quality! I’m very happy I found these! They are now my favorite and go to. Why spend so much money on AirPods when you can get these?! Well of course they aren’t the same as AirPods, but for the price THIS is a steal. Get them.

  7. JC

    Great but after a couple of weeks there are connectivity issues
    I was so happy with this purchase for a couple of weeks. I haven’t even needed to charge the case once yet. I got it March 30. Today is April 18 and it’s only down to 40% in all that time. I don’t use it constantly. Just for my commute usually. They are so comfy too. Better than the apple ones that would cut my ear. However today I was listening and it stopped playing in my ear and started playing on my phone instead of in the headphones even though it was connected and said it was paired. I’m hoping I just need to charge it because I’ve loved these AirPods but I’m worried that they just last a couple of weeks. I put it in the case again and put them back in and they were working again but worried this is going to continue or get worse. Will update my review if they start working correctly again or crap out. May need to send a complaint otherwise. May be cheaper than regular ones but cheaper shouldn’t only last a couple of weeks with not much use. Fingers crossed that they just needed a reboot.

  8. kristina taheri

    great ear buds!
    i purchased these earbuds in white. i’m surprised how great these sound! it has nice bass which is important to me. they are very lightweight, but do not feel like they’re going to fall out of my ears. i can dance and they don’t fall out. The mic quality seems good. It would’ve been better if the charger cord was a little longer though. overall great value for the money! for the price, if they last six months, I’ll be happy. ❤️

  9. TRACY

    These Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.3 and 4 ENC Mics are an absolute bargain! The sound quality is impressive, with clear highs and deep bass, rivaling much more expensive brands. The Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity is seamless and stable, providing a hassle-free listening experience. The 4 ENC microphones ensure crystal-clear calls, even in noisy environments. The battery life is excellent, lasting through long workdays and workouts. They’re comfortable to wear and fit securely, making them perfect for any activity. For the price, the value and performance of these earbuds are unbeatable. Highly recommend for anyone looking for high-quality wireless headphones without breaking the bank!

  10. Sandro

    La moglie è rimasta contenta e ha fatto la cena senza problemi.

  11. Gianmaria

    Le cuffie sono veramente molto eleganti e dal design accattivante. Molto pratica e comoda la custodia per poter portare sempre con sè. Sono rimasto, inoltre, sorpreso dall’ottima qualità del suono che è eccellente. Si possono apprezzare tutti i dettagli della musica. Ottima anche la cancellazione del rumore. Riduce molto bene i rumori di fondo, consente di concentrarsi sulla musica o sulle chiamate, non oscurando totalmente i rumori esterni, che ritengo molto pericoloso.La batteria sembrerebbe avere una super durata. La singola carica mi sta consente un utilizzo continuo da 3 giorni. Le cuffie sono molto comode e si adattano perfettamente alle orecchie e sono molto stabili anche quando si pratica attività sportiva.Sono molto soddisfatto di questo prodotto. Ottime per chi cerca un prodotto di qualità con un ottimo rapporto qualità-prezzo.

  12. Oratim

    Agréablement surpris pas ces écouteurs, les materiaux utilisés sont de bonnes qualités.La batterie des écouteurs tient bien la charge, et le boitié a une bonne capacité de recharge, ce qui permet d’avoir des écouteurs fonctionnels toutes la journée.Au niveau de la qualité du son, le son produit par les écouteurs est trés correct. Et il permettent une bonne isolation avec les bruits exterieurs grâce au systeme de reduction de bruit actif. il m’est arrivé plusieurs fois qu’on me parle et que je ne m’en rends pas alors que le son de ma musique n’etait pas fort du tout.Les fonctionnalités permisent par les boutons tactiles sont réactive et trés sympa. Il est possible de monter, baisser le son, changer de musique (avant & arrière) mettre play/pause. Il est aussi possible de deccrocher / raccrocher en cas d’appel.Autre point important, je trouve que le maintient des écouteurs dans l’oreille ce fait super bien, je n’ai pas fait de sport avec, mais j’ai eu l’occasion de marcher, cuisiner, bricoler … et les écouteurs restent bien en place et ne m’ont pas causé de douleur aux oreilles.De plus je n’ai eu aucune difficulté de connexion en utilisant les écouteurs. Une fois la connexion établie, dès que l’on sort les écouteurs de leurs boitié, la connexion se fait trés rapidement au dernier appareil connecté. Et je n’ai jamais eu de perte de signal / connexion bluetooth.Je recommande ces écouteurs !

  13. Franz Walter

    Ich habe diese Earbuds gekauft weil ich für den Sport neue gebraucht habe, da bei den Alten die Ladestation defekt war.Anforderungen an die neuen In-Ears waren:-Sound mit einem guten Bass -guter Halt im Ohr bei stärkerer Bewegung -Preis unter 50,00 €Ablauf des KaufesDie Earbuds wurden sehr schnell geliefert. Verpackt waren sie in einem überraschenderweise wertig aussehenden Karton. Die Ladeeinheit hat ein schönes, schlichtes Design.Bedienung und KlangKopplung geht schnell und unproblematisch. Ladefunktion bietet schnelle Ladezeiten und lange Standzeiten der Station. Sehr gute Benutzungsdauer der Buds.Die Buds halten sehr gut im Ohr und tragen sich angenehm. Es gibt auch noch 2 Silikon Ersatzaufsätze dazu.Allerdings ist für mich Grobmotoriker die Bedienung der Touchtasten zu fein. Ich komme immer mal wieder daran und verstelle etwas z.B. die Lautstärke. Dies ist aber mein Fehler und nicht den Buds anzukreiden. Ansonsten sind die Funktionen aber, gemäß der Anleitung, einwandfrei gegeben.Der Klang hat für mich gerade den richtigen Bass, welcher von manchem Rezensenten bemängelt wird. Dies ist aber, denke ich, ein subjektives Empfinden. Ich habe sie gekauft weil ausdrücklich mit einem tiefen Bass beworben. Die einstellbare Lautstärke ist für mich ausreichend. Habe es halt, entgegen aller Warnungen hinsichtlich des Schwellenwertes, gerne ein bisschen laut. Beispielsweise klingt “Neunzig” von Apache gerade richtig, um mal eine Referenz zu nennen.Selbstverständlich sind die Buds kein audiophiles Referenzteil, aber zum Preis von 22,98 € ,die ich bezahlt habe, absolut ihr Geld wert. Selbst wenn sie nur eine gewisse Lebensdauer haben, ist ein Ersatz finanziell verkraftbar.Einzig die mögliche Reichweite kann ich nicht bestätigen, diese liegt bei mir bei maximal 10 Metern.RésuméKlare Kaufempfehlung und 5 Sterne von mir.

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