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Yankee Candle Company Lilac Blossoms Scented, 22oz Single Wick Candle, Over 110 Hours of Burn Time, Perfect for Gifting, Gatherings and Seasonal Decorations, Classic Large Jar, Violet

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Luxuriate in the delightful aroma of the season’s little moments and grand celebrations with this 22-oz Yankee Candle Lilac Blossoms scented candle. Expertly crafted in the USA with premium-grade paraffin candle wax and top-quality ingredients from around the world, it effortlessly imbues any space with the enchanting scent of a lilac-filled grove. Each wick is diligently straightened by hand, ensuring a quality burn that lasts up to 150 hours.
Fragrance Profile: Transporting aroma of Lilac blossoms
Long-Lasting Burn: Provides over 110 hours of burn time
Premium Wax: Utilizes superior paraffin-grade candle wax for a clear, consistent burn
Perfectly Sized: Large 22 oz candle measures 6.6 inches in height and 4 inches diameter
Precision Crafted Wick: Hand-straightened for optimal burn quality
Authentically Scented: Made with first-rate ingredients for authentic, true-to-life scents
Earth Friendly: 100% recyclable in partnership with TerraCycle, underscoring Yankee Candle’s commitment to sustainability

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Customers like the smell, durability, and value of the candle. For example, they mention it has a wonderful scent, it lasts for many hours, and it makes a great gift. That said, opinions are mixed on quality.

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13 reviews for Yankee Candle Company Lilac Blossoms Scented, 22oz Single Wick Candle, Over 110 Hours of Burn Time, Perfect for Gifting, Gatherings and Seasonal Decorations, Classic Large Jar, Violet

  1. Stephani Ann

    Delicious Scent and Long-Lasting Fragrance
    Who doesn’t love a Yankee Candle? The Pink Sands Scented Candle is one of my favorites. It smells delicious, reminiscent of warm suntan oil on a summer day.Pros:Bold Scent: The fragrance is strong and fills the room beautifully. I love how bold Yankee Candle scents are.Long-Lasting: These candles last a long time, giving you plenty of enjoyment before needing a replacement.Versatile Usage: Lately, I’ve been using them with candle warmers, and it creates a nice, consistent scent throughout my home.Overall, the Yankee Candle Pink Sands Scented Candle is a wonderful addition to any home, providing a delightful and lasting fragrance. Highly recommend!

  2. Really big for the price!

    Really cheap for the nice quality and size!!
    I love the lilac sent! It’s hard to find candles that actually have that beautiful, light, realistic smell. When I saw it was $16 I thought it would be a smaller candle but when I opened the box it was was huge! The packaging was also done very nicely, no broken glass and was very protective. The flame is very bright, great value for money, burns really nice, the heat helps carry the scent really far, and can be used for many different functions like party’s or just a relaxing bath!

  3. Yvette Masullo

    Worth every penny!
    I’ve been purchasing Yankee Candles for years now. Why? Their scents are strong and don’t smell waxy. The candle itself lasts a very long time. You can purchase the cheap 3 for $10 candles at Michaels but they don’t have the strong lasting scent nor do they burn for long. The wax in these doesn’t puddle up around the wick, a common problem with some candles. This causes the flame to be extinguished. When the candle burns down too low to light anymore I use a candle/coffee warmer to continue to enjoy the scent for many more days. I have a supply of these candles on hand at all times and will always buy them.

  4. tberry

    nice flower smell
    The Yankee Candle Pink Sands Scented Classic Jar Candle is an absolute delight. Its captivating fragrance fills my office with a refreshing aroma that instantly transports me to a tropical paradise. Whether I’m burning it or using a candle warmer light, the scent remains consistently pleasant and invigorating. The 22oz large jar ensures longevity, making it a perfect choice for continuous enjoyment. Overall, this candle is a must-have for anyone seeking a fragrant oasis in their workspace.

  5. Suzie@coolbreeze

    High-quality, wonderful scent
    Love, love, love this scent (lavender-vanilla)! You can depend on Yankee candles to always be high-quality.The aroma fills the room. Got this large size during a great sale, for a great price! Did I already say I love it?

  6. Ava Joy Porter

    Nice Relaxing Aroma
    Yankee Candle Pink Sands Scented Classic 22oz Large Glass Jar Candle is a delightful choice. With an impressive burn time of over 110 hours, it ensures lasting enjoyment. These candles are not only fragrant but also beautifully packaged in a decorative glass jar with a lid, making them an excellent gift for any occasion. However, I encountered a minor issue: the candle didn’t burn all the way to the bottom. A few ounces remained unreachable, frustratingly out of reach for a regular lighter. My recommendation? Invest in a Utility Lighter. When the candle burns down closer to the bottom, this handy tool allows you to reach the wick without struggling. After all, there’s nothing worse than a partially used candle that can’t be relit! I also wish it were a bit stronger since the aroma is milder then I expected.🕯️💡

  7. Nicole Herbele

    Smells great!
    I bought the Yankee Candle Lilac Blossoms candle a few days ago. I buy these candles all the time at a high price from Yankee candle. So I was pleasantly surprised to find them at Amazon for less than half the price. The candle is huge. The scent is very pleasant. It is a bright purple color. The fragrance last a long time. It has a sweet smell.

  8. Shopping addiction

    Strong smell
    If you like the smell of lilacs as much as I do you’d appreciate the throw this particular scent and brand has. I’m a huge fan of YC, I’ve bought hundreds through the years, and this is one of my favorites. This is a candle best suited for open/larger areas. That’s just because it’s so strong. It really smells like lilac flowers.

  9. Vagabond1081

    Smells nice but I wish the scent was stronger.

  10. Sylvia Lee

    The scent is very pleasant. I just got it yesterday afternoon and was burning it for few hours. It hardly shows any use, so it will last a long time. The size of candle it pretty big. Came well packaged in original box. Light up as it should. Smell is vey nice. This Big jar of candle will last a while.

  11. Was a good movie but was hoping for the movie to be updated. The message was good

    Smells exactly Luke lilacs.and lasts along time. Will purchase again!

  12. Rebeca Ramirez Hurtado

    El aroma es super intenso y duran mucho

  13. Luis Elias Moran Rodriguez

    Huele bonito, más grande de lo que esperaba pero estuvo bien ya que lo compre como regalo.

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