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YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer, Large, BPA-Free Adjustable Plastic Lid Storage for Kitchen Cabinet and Drawer Organization, White

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Cleans up cluttered container lids for an easy win! No more digging around the cabinet to find a lid that fits – they’re all in one place and neatly organized with StoraLid® Container Lid Organizer. Adjustable dividers create customized spacing, so lids of various shapes and sizes stay upright and sorted the way you like. StoraLid® is great for kitchen cabinet organization of reusable bags and wraps, napkins, paper plates, and children’s dinnerware too. It fits in standard upper cabinets and deep drawers. With StoraLid® Large, container lids stay organized so you can pack leftovers in a snap.
FLEXIBLE STORAGE: Five adjustable dividers help you configure different spaces to keep food container lids upright and accessible.
ORGANIZED LIDS: Customizable compartments organize a wide range of small, medium or large container lids measuring up to 9” wide. A center channel in the bottom of the tray stops round lids from rolling around.
EASY TO REACH: Built-in handles make it a cinch to grab and slide the whole organizer if you need to bring lids out for a closer look.
QUICK SET UP: Just pull out of the box, add dividers (where you want) and load your container lids, no tools required. A speedy set-up means your lid collection will be organized in just a couple minutes – you can do it!
MADE TO FIT: Measures 10.4” deep, 13.2” wide and 3.3” tall to fit standard cabinets, pantry shelves, and deep drawers. Made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic that is easy to clean.

Customers say

Customers like the size, ease of use, adjustability, and capacity of the storage rack. They mention that it takes up minimal space in the cabinet, holds different sizes from small to large containers, and that it makes it easy to find the lids they need. They also like the ease of assembly, quality, and performance. However, some customers are mixed on sturdiness.

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13 reviews for YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer, Large, BPA-Free Adjustable Plastic Lid Storage for Kitchen Cabinet and Drawer Organization, White

  1. Debra

    Very handy and versatile
    Easy to use. Nice it’s adjustable for different lids. Good price. Quick delivery and no issues.

  2. Steve

    Plastic lid organizer for the “OCD” in all of us
    Easy to assemble, adjustable width for various lids or containers. Very inexpensive. Simple solution to storing food storage containers and lids.

  3. Kristin

    Helpful to organize
    I can finally find a lid! Works great and you can adjust the size of the spaces between the sections. The only downside so far is we use the snapping containers, and because the lids are a bit heavy I wish the dividers were a bit taller. I think that would them from leaning so much. But overall happy with my purchase.

  4. Margie M.

    Finally! Organized lids!
    I like the simplicity of this product, and most of all, the feeling I have when I open the drawer with food storage containers – I am finally organized!

  5. Stephanie Newbern

    Where has this been all my adult life?
    Just like most people my container lids were thrown in the cabinet all Willy nilly and I had to search endlessly every time I needed a lid. Not anymore. With this divided tray for lids they stay organized and easy to get to. It helps you to put the lids back in the proper place. No more wasted time. Great product for a great price.

  6. bjj

    I didn’t think I needed this.
    I use only round, clear glass storage bowls, which I stack with their lids on ~ but I keep extra lids on the same shelf. Those extras have been standing on their sides in a round pitcher cut in half longways to make a semi-circular home for them. That worked well for years, but people I love take leftovers home with them, so my collection of bowls and lids has shrunk, and I’ve found my neatly stacked lids slipping out of their proper size-based order with no good excuse. I don’t like to dig through piles of stuff when I need something, so I checked to see what Amazon had to offer. I hit the jackpot with this YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer (Small 2-Pack). It washed well, and was easy to assemble. The measurements in the description were accurate, so it fit my shelf and my lids well. Now my wayward lids are living orderly lives again. I only needed one organizer, so I gave the other away to the first person who admired mine. This was a great purchase!

  7. Lakeyia Conner

    Makes cabinet organization a breeze and aesthetically pleasing! Not the sturdiest plastic though.

  8. Stacy Ryan, Investigative Genetic Genealogist

    Why didn’t I buy this sooner?
    My storage containers and lids were a MESS! This organizer has made it easy to store and locate the lid I need. My husband keeps commenting on how nice our cabinet looks now.

  9. Mary Lu

    This works so well for me. Good organization tool. Looks great and adjustable

  10. MrEric

    Super práctico!

  11. Marcos gondim lopes

    Sem comentários

  12. Royal Snowbird

    What can I say about YouCopia products ? Top knotch …top drawer quality product ! Great to organize medium to large lids. I would recommend this !

  13. R.

    Perfecto para organizar las tapas de los trastes. Muy recomendable

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