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ZEDODIER 2 Pack Tank Top Hanger, Space Saving Bra Hanger, Non-Slip Hanging Sport Bras Holder, Closet Organizers and Storage for Camisoles Tank Tops Bras Ties Swimsuits Strappy Dress, Silver

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ZEDODIER was founded by Katelyn, a busy working mom, who realized the importance of effective closet storage. Our first product, a multi-functional hanger, helps you save space and develop good storage habits. We are committed to quality, constantly innovating and refining our products. Join us and experience the benefits of a neat and organized closet!

What are the core values and mission of your brand?

ZEDODIER is committed to providing high-quality, innovative, and environmentally responsible closet storage solutions that simplify and improve customers’ lives.

What problem are we solving?

ZEDODIER offers space-saving hangers to solve the problem of cluttered and disorganized closets, making it easier for customers to keep their clothes organized and accessible.

What do we love what you do?

We love helping customers simplify their lives and improve their storage solutions by offering creative and effective products.

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Efficient Closet Organizer: Each ZEDODIER Tank Top Hanger can hold 8 tank tops or bras, creating additional closet or drawer space for storing your tank tops or bras. Make your closet neat and organized.
Sturdy Metal Construction: Made of high-quality metal, it is easy to hang or take off the tank tops or bras The size of the product is 20 x 12 x 0.65 inch. When not in use, the hanger can be folded up to save space.
Used As A Special Present: It can be used as a special present for your mother, sister, and female friends. Help them easily organize and store tank tops and bras.
Perfect Suit for Limited Space: Easy to use and make it easy to see all the tank tops or bras and find what you’re looking for. It is suitable for small closet, school dormitory and other limited space.
Versatile Usage: Beyond organizing bras and tank tops in your closet to save space, this hanger is also perfect for air-drying your bras in the laundry room.

Customers say

Customers like the quality, appearance, efficiency, and size of the clothes hanger. For example, they mention it’s great for sports bras, tank tops, and bodysuits. That said, opinions are mixed on ease of removal and ease of use.

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13 reviews for ZEDODIER 2 Pack Tank Top Hanger, Space Saving Bra Hanger, Non-Slip Hanging Sport Bras Holder, Closet Organizers and Storage for Camisoles Tank Tops Bras Ties Swimsuits Strappy Dress, Silver

  1. Melissa S

    Love it
    Beautiful and practical!!! Saves me closet space, while being mindfully engineered!

  2. AF

    Tank Top Hangers
    This is a great product. I saved a lot of closet space and I like the organization. I have no issues with ease of use. This product works great for me.

  3. danielle vallejo

    This product holds a lot and is easy to use, it is very durable and good for its price.

  4. Sydney

    Perfect Space Saver
    I have a small closet & was looking for ways to save some space with the amount of clothes I have & after researching multiple “closet space savers” I ended up on this one & I’m glad I did!Personally, I prefer tank tops to tshirts so I have a good amount of them. Compared to some other closet space savers I have tried, this one actually seems to save space. And as an added bonus, I can keep all my similar tank tops together in one place so I don’t have to dig through my closet to find a specific top.These feel really sturdy & are easy to use!! Would buy again & recommend anyone needing to organize their closet!!

  5. HulaGirl

    Space saver, definitely!
    This definitely helped to save space in my closet. Used it for the many tanktops, especially for those that can be worn under blouses. They tend to be thinner and do not need to have their own hanger. It does need more vertical space so you will need to use the top rack or the longer dress rack to hang. I like that it is sturdy and that the tips have plastic caps on them, help to keep the tanks from slipping off. I definitely will purchase a couple more of these in the near future.Subtracted a star for weight. Its best features are not about it being a lightweight product. So all in all a good solid product and recommend.

  6. VDB

    Excellent product
    Didn’t know I needed this until I saw it while scrolling- I’m so glad I bought it!! Nicely stores MANY tanks! Worth every penny!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Not efficient
    I’ve had this for a year now and I liked how organized it looked at first, but it’s not very efficient. Sometimes the straps get caught on the other hooks as you try to take them off. Not always easy to find which bra you’re looking for. I think this would work well for the back of a door or somewhere you can hang it flat so you can see all the bras and make it easier to organize as you put away laundry. But I only have space to hang in my closet like a normal hanger. Also, some of the black caps on the ends of the hooks pop off and I’ve scraped myself on some of them.

  8. DanielleWY

    Fantastic hanger for summer!
    Summertime in CA means tank tops, and having maxxed out my closet and drawer space, I knew I needed a better solution for storing my fancier/structured tank tops. These hangers are a fantastic solve to accommodate multiple shirts in way less space. Hangers are well made with plastic tabs to protect any metal points, no installation required – good to go out of the box, and easy to put on and take off clothing items. Can be used for more than just tank tops too. Great use of closet space for summertime clothing!

  9. Petra Riemer

    Great product, space saver, strong and study.

  10. Karin P.

    Sirve para tops bien. Pero no es muy práctico. Se entiendan algo las blusas

  11. Katie

    Perfect for tank tops! Just long for closets with a top and bottom hanger

  12. Avery Clay

    I never knew I needed a tank top hanger until I bought this. This is such a good way to store your tank tops. I had been folding mine in a drawer and they always came out looking so wrinkly. This way they are easily accessible and hanging nicely ready to wear. I do wonder if it would fit as well for larger sizing. For reference I wear small and my tanks fit just right on the hanger.

  13. jenichoochoo

    I can see my tanks more easily, they don’t get wrinkled & easier to hang & unhang than hangers or clips.

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