ZEDODIER Bra Hanger for Closet, 2 Pack Tank Top Hanger 40 Hooks Capacity, Wood Space Saving Hanger Closet Organizers and Storage for Dorm & Apartment, Black


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bra hanger for closetbra hanger for closet

tank top hanger for closettank top hanger for closet

sport bra hangersport bra hanger

40-Hook Capacity: Our set of two wooden hangers comes with a total of 40 hooks, offering a comprehensive solution to store and organize up to 40 pieces of lingerie or tank tops.
Space-Saving Design: Designed with foldable hooks, this hanger is perfect for maximizing storage in small closets or apartments, keeping items tidy and accessible.
Versatile Use: Not just for bras, our multi-functional hanger neatly holds scarves, belts, and ties, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe essentials.
Durable and Thoughtful: Made of high-quality wood with a 360° rotating hook, our hanger is built to last and makes selecting your outfit easier.
For Any Space: Ideal for home closets, dorms, or apartments, this hanger is a must-have for anyone looking to declutter and organize efficiently.

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8 reviews for ZEDODIER Bra Hanger for Closet, 2 Pack Tank Top Hanger 40 Hooks Capacity, Wood Space Saving Hanger Closet Organizers and Storage for Dorm & Apartment, Black

  1. Catherine

    very good quality
    Pleasantly surprised by the quality of this. Feels very sturdy and like it will last a long time. Wasn’t expecting that considering how inexpensive it is. Definitely worth the money!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Unclutter your bra drawer!
    I purchased this hanger in order to hang my bras instead of stuffed in my drawer. I love being able to choose a bra from the hanger quickly and in more hunting for my favorite bra of the day. Ladies, it’s also perfect for purses, belts scarves hanging delicates to dry like silks – I have numerous silk items.

  3. Jennifer Sizemore

    Space Saver
    I love that I can fit everything on one hanger.

  4. Holly

    This is handy for all my bras. And it certainly is a space saver. What I don’t like? It’s unbalanced. If you don’t have equal weight on the ends, it tips as it hangs. Shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it’s annoying.

  5. mamarazzi

    I used it for hanging belts.
    I used this for hanging belts in my closet. Works fine. I have to lift it out to get to the belts in the back.

  6. Judy L. Ferguson

    Love it!!
    I have an enormous amount of bras, and without special equipment, there’s just not a good, efficient, way to store them. I have a rolling rack out in our bedroom, and it contains all my hot rotation clothes for summer. I have both of these hanging from the rack, with all my most lightweight bras and bralettes for summer. They’re all just right there. I honestly can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. Great product!

  7. Josh

    Closet Space Saver
    My wife has too many clothes and her closets are full. After getting this product… well, she still has that problem. But this did help a little when it came to her undergarment storage. At its core, this is just a hanger with a bunch of hooks on the bottom for holding more than one “stringy” top. It’s simple, but effective, and well executed. I’d recommend.

  8. dawnn

    Very Convenient
    This pair of hangers is a wonderful help to taming the closet space monster. I use mine for several different items and it is great for clearing out drawers as well as the closet. I hang tank tops, scarves, bras, boleros, purses, belts, ties, and a lot of other things. They don’t take up a lot of space on the clothes rod, but they do have one downfall, you have to keep some space between them or the hooks tangle with each other and cause a slight headache to separate. These are a good value and are very helpful in organizing the chaos that can happen in your closet.

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